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Dam Mon Peninsula – Great Destination In Nha Trang

The wilderness of Dam Mon is a destination that can almost meet all the requirements of the travelers of Tours in Vietnam: the most challenging, the most pristine and the most beautiful.

Dam Mon Peninsula - Great Destination In Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

Overview of Dam Mon Peninsula

Dam Mon Peninsula is located in Van Phong Bay, about 80km from Nha Trang city along the National Highway 1A to the north (45km from the sea). Dam Mon is fascinated by the long sand dunes, about 20 large and small islands with primitive forest, strange and unique things in Dam Mon fishing village …

Dam Mon has a natural area of 128km2, is one of the tourist sites have been surveyed and appreciated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). That is because this place is full of natural conditions optimal for the development of ecotourism: climate, coast, mountains, landscapes, ecological environment, seaports, seafood supply … It’s almost intact. The peninsula consists of about 20 large and small islands with 30 beaches, with primeval forests and 3 villages: Dam Mon, Dam Thuong, Xuan Dung.

In June 2002, an 18.5km long road from the foot of Co Ma pass to Dam Mon, beginning the development of Van Phong Bay. On this road, the visitors will have the opportunity to see the white sand dunes on one side. From the day the asphalt road is completed, the pine hills were planted and up to now has covered a whole area.

The beauty of Dam Mon

This is considered as the Best destination in Vietnam for visitors who would like to find the peace and pristineness thanks to an attractive and romantic peninsula with long white sand, calm blue sea, and pristine forest.

The sea is very pristine and quite clean. Because it is surrounded by a small island-shaped system, so the sea is quite calm.

Dam Mon is not only an alluring and poetic with white sand, blue sea, dense forest but also famous for fishing villages with the unique culture. This is also one of the first places that receive sunlight on land in Vietnam.

On the new asphalt road, through the peninsula, visitors can see the houses here looking like sunk in the sand. The immense white long sand dunes make tourists feel like the road is passing through a vast desert. At the end of the sand dunes, there is a coastal road stretching from Dam Mon to Dai Lanh Beach. And the last point of the journey will be small fishing villages located in the bay, discreet in green coconut shade all year round: Dam Mon. Dam Mon has three villages: Dam Mon, Dam Thuong, and Xuan Dung.

In this small fishing village, visitors of Vietnam package Tours will find local people do not wear sandals and can sit or lie on the sand. Dam Thuong has high sand dunes, where visitors can climb to admire the deep blue sea. In Xuan Dung village, just digging a little, you will find fresh water right next to the coast. There is a village of ethnic minorities known as Dang Ha. Although it now not marked on the distribution map of the population of Vietnam, it still exists in Van Phong Bay.

Finishing the sightseeing of Dam Mon, tourists can start exploring about 20 small islands with the primary forest. After that, visitors begin to discover the interesting things underwater. Van Phong is an area where coral reef ecosystems develop quite typically of Vietnam. There are scuba diving services to see the coral reef, swimming, boat to Van Phong bay …

In the evening you can go fishing squid or campfire on the beach. And it’s great that you can buy the grouper fish in the cage or the lobster to enjoy the freshness of seafood caught from the sea …


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