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“Hunt” The Brilliant Sunflower Hill From North To South (Part 2)

Bac Ninh – natural flower color in the holy place

At the end of the year, people often refer to the fields of sunflowers in Nghe An or Da Lat, however, there are places where flowers are quietly shining. No need to plan to ‘hunt for sunflowers’ in Nghe An, people in Hanoi and surrounding areas still have the opportunity to admire this lovely yellow flower in Bac Ninh. Located in the premises of Co Phap Temple, Khac Niem Ward, Bac Ninh City, it is a garden of sunflowers that quietly blooms and makes the sacred place also brightened up the radiant. This beautiful garden was created by the abbot’s hand and taken care of by the Buddhists. Though not too big, the ‘sun’ garden at the temple is still attractive and vibrates the hearts of travelers. From Hanoi, tourists can take the highway 1A to the highway Ha Noi – Bac Ninh to reach the sunflower garden.

"Hunt" The Brilliant Sunflower Hill From North To South (Part 2)

Not so grandiose and scale that visitors on Tours in Vietnam come to be surprised as other fields, but this small garden is enough to make anyone come here to stop and admire a little and then leave. Sunlight from the sun makes the temple more sacred color. If you are looking for a place for the peace, Co Phuc Pagoda is the ideal destination so that you can enjoy the calm atmosphere here, while watching the autumn which is walking through the garden corner in the temple.

Poetic sunflower picture in Lam Dong

Not only in Da Lat but also at anywhere in Tay Nguyen Lam Dong, you can see the mist and the clouds spread in the endless pine forest or colorful flowers in the midst of the hills. There, the early winter, there is a sunflower field as beautiful as sunshine, lightly warm up the heart of tourists on Vietnam Private Tour, lovely extremely.

To see the ‘tiny sunflower’ in Lam Dong, visitors can go to Tutra commune in Don Duong district, on the farm of dairy cows. Tourists can go to the free photo shoot, remember to keep the flower field and the surrounding environment. If traveling from the center of Dalat, tourists will have the opportunity to conquer D’ran pass which has brought a strong feeling because of many winding curves as long snake sniffing the air of mellow pine forest. Compared with Nghe An, the sunflower field in Tutra has smaller flowers, but with a very special mist, this place offers the same scene as the European country, making tourists prefer at first sight.

The sunflower garden in Dong Nai

Just about 35km from Saigon and 6km from Bien Hoa City, the sunflower garden in Buu Long Ecotourism Resort is causing “shock” for young people in the South. Sunflowers here are different types, bring the private space which is quite interesting for visitors to admire the scenery and taking the photos. A kind of sunflower is pretty looking like chrysanthemums high to the knees look lovely and one type is common sunflower high to the shoulders which are also blossoming, painting the dreaming picture enchanting people.

Besides the garden of sunflowers, Buu Long Resort also has many places for sightseeing, suitable for weekend excursions. Being close to Saigon, tourists of Tours in Vietnam can go straight to the motorbike and return to the city on one day.

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