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Traveling to Vietnam And Looking For The Best Vietnam Destinations

Traveling to Vietnam and looking for the Best destination in Vietnam? What most people don’t realize is how big Vietnam is, it’s actually over 1,000 miles long. When planning a trip to Vietnam and wondering Vietnam package Tours, you’ll want to narrow it down to the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Traveling to Vietnam And Looking For The Best Vietnam Destinations - Journey Vietnam

There are many tours in Vietnam that the visitors can choose when travelling in there. If you want to find a natural discovery tour, you should not skip the following destinations. Thua Thien Hue is not only famous for a lot of historical – cultural monuments but it also has poetic natural landscapes including Lap An Lagoon (Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District).

Traveling to Vietnam And Looking For The Best Vietnam Destinations - Journey Vietnam

With the aquatic areas over 100ha, extending from Phu Gia mountain pass to Hai van seaport, Lap An is brackish water area, located in the west of Lang Co Bay. Surrounding lagoon is small path as a soft silk. In the distance, the imposing mountain called Bach Ma.

Traveling to Vietnam And Looking For The Best Vietnam Destinations - Journey Vietnam

Lap An lagoon is not only having poetic natural landscape, but also is habitats of many aquatic plants and animals, especially oysters. As oysters have high nutrition value and a lot of benefits, many visitors love it.  Therefore, local people considered as “godsen” of this area. They live by oyster husbandry. To facilitate for breeding and catching oysters, local people built many watch towers on the surface of lagoon to look and park wooden boat in order to go to the water- tower on sunrise. Oysters cost a little, and the income is quite stable, about 15,000-20,000 VND / kg unshelled oysters and 70,000 VND / ounce oysters have been shelled. When the oyster business started, the local people in Phu Loc have a better life, children are invested more education than before.

According to the Phu Loc District People’s Committee, at present, there are more than 100 households raising oysters in Lap An Lagoon. Oysters are highly nutritious seafood, with many great uses such as fighting fatigue, increasing the body’s immunity and enhancing metabolism. Oyster in Lap An lagoon is famous for its delicious, fatty flesh, which can be processed into many delicious dishes. Visitors can eat delicious oyster dishes such as: ginger steamed oysters, sweet and sour oysters, tofu stuffed oysters, noodle fried oyster, and so on. Although it is hard because most of the production steps are manual but this is still considered a career “poverty reduction” for this land. Visiting Lap An lagoon, you will feel comfortable and relaxed after stressful and tired days.  Enjoying fresh air, eat famous oyster dishes. Definitely, it is very interesting.

The best time of seeing Lap An lagoon is at dusk when the sun sets after Bach Ma mountain. The context of lagoon is very fanciful at that time, on the quiet water surface appears reddish yellow, deep blue they intermix together as a colorful silk.

Traveling to Vietnam And Looking For The Best Vietnam Destinations - Journey Vietnam

Lap An lagoon was approved to build walk-street, extended from lagoon to Nguyen Van street( Lang Co town). Two side of walk-street was built 6 areas including: planting tree area, water park area, performance service area, art fountain area, restaurant and cuisine area and boat club area.

There are some notes that the visitors should come to Lap An lagoon on March and June.  Although this season is quite hot but the scene will be more beautiful. The lagoon is located in Lang Co town so it is possible to combine with Lang Co beach tourism. Lang Co town has quite a lot of guesthouses, and hotels from budget to luxury.

With poetic natural landscapes and investing variety of tourism services development, Lap An lagoon hope to become attractive tourist destination for domestic and international tourists when coming Thua Thien Hue.

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