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The West Lake In Hanoi

The West Lake, also known as Ho Tay, covers a vast part of the northwest Hanoi. In...

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tran quoc pagoda-journey vietnam

Trấn Quốc Pagoda – The Signature of Ancient Hanoi

Chùa Trấn Quốc (or Tran Quoc Pagoda) is located at the East side of West Lake, on...

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noi bai international airport - journey vietnam

Noibai International Airport Introduction

Noibai International Airport, located in Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam, is the largest airport in the northern Vietnam. The Noibai...

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Mekong-Delta-journey vietnam

Mekong River – The Heart And Soul Of Southeast Asia

The Mekong River is a river located in the south-eastern part of the continent of Asia. It...

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son doong cave - journey vietnam

Quang Binh Province

Located in the central of Vietnam, Quang Binh province is a famous place for Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park...

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hue - journey vietnam

Tips To Visit Hue

Located in Central Vietnam, Hue is the capital of Thua Thien Hue province which is far about...

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journey vietnam

Vietnam 54 Ethnic Groups

Vietnam currently has about 92 million of a population which includes 54 ethnic groups separated into dozens of small...

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hanoi city tours

Hanoi’s Names And The Historical Story Behind

The region around present-day Hanoi was settled in prehistoric times, and the location was often chosen as a political...

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tet holiday - journeyvietnam

Tet Holiday – The Traditional Beauty of Vietnam

Tet- the Vietnamese New Year, is the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam. Tet with itself meaning...

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hanoi tour - journeyvietnam

Bach Ma Temple – Hanoi Old Quarter

Built in the middle of 11th century, Bach Ma Temple is said to be the oldest temple in all...

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sapa journeyvietnam

Vietnam Weather – Best Time To Travel

It is obvious that weather is one of the important factors for you make decisions to travel or not....

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quang ninh province - halong bay

Welcome To Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Lying towards the northeastern region of Vietnam, Quang Ninh is not only the land for economic development but also...

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