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5 Waterfalls Cannot Be Missed When Visiting Da Lat

Dalat is not only beautiful and peaceful with the pine hills or the colorful flowers, there are also many beautiful and alluring waterfalls waiting for visitors to explore there, that is one of reason making Dalat become the best destination in Vietnam.

5 Waterfalls Cannot Be Missed When Visiting Da Lat - Journey Vietnam

Pongour Falls

Located 50km from Da Lat city center, Pongour is one of the famous waterfalls with majestic beauty, wilderness in the mountains of Tay Nguyen.

5 Waterfalls Cannot Be Missed When Visiting Da Lat - Journey Vietnam

The waterfall is 40m high, the surface of waterfall cascade covers more than 100 m, curved arch. The water of the Pongour Waterfall flows through a system of 7 steps cascading stairs to create a poetic picture of wild nature. The French are honored as “the most majestic waterfall in Indochina”, King Bao Dai also praised as “Nam Thien De Nhat Waterfall.” (the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam). Pongour is the only waterfall in Lam Dong that the annual festival is held on the full moon in January.

Cam ly waterfall

Cam Ly Falls lies on the stream of Cam Le, more than 2km west of Dalat city center. The large but not high waterfalls, created from the water flow of Xuan Huong Lake, from the south of the lake to the west. When the distance from the lake about 2km, the water must overcome the blocking of the large granites to creating the strong but equally gentle waterfall.

Datanla Waterfall

Datanla Waterfall is located 5km from Dalat City and is known as The Tien waterfall. According to legend, the fairies of the heaven often visit for the bathing in this place. The Datanla is attractive to visitors who join in Vietnam Package Tours with clear water flowing through 7 stone floors and then pouring down the large stone making white foam. To visit the waterfall, visitors also have the opportunity to play exciting adventure games such as climbing waterfall, crossing the falls, and water surfing.

Elephant Falls

Located on the grounds of Linh Phuoc Pagoda, with a height of nearly 30m, Elephant falls pour water up to the mysterious black stones lying under the foot of falls as the back of the elephant plunging under the water, so that image made this waterfall named as Elephant Falls. The special feature of this waterfall is the melodious sound of the temple bell in the evening that creates a wonderful sound bringing silence to the soul.

Prenn Waterfall

Prenn waterfall is located along Highway 20, about 10km south of Da Lat center. The waterfall offers a soothing, graceful look as a dip of light from a height of 10 meters to a small lake, surrounded by colorful flowers and a pine forest. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall from the cable car or can follow the stone steps on the way down the falls to discover the zoo or orchid garden and watch the beautiful hutting on the treetops. …

5 Waterfalls Cannot Be Missed When Visiting Da Lat - Journey Vietnam

Beautiful Da Lat nature is romantic and poetic with the monumental mountains with the green pine forests whispering in the wind creating attractive to the heart of tourists of Tours in Vietnam.

It is said that Da Lat beauty is the beauty of dreams, romantic sweet as the love of boys and girls.

Hoping for 5 beautiful waterfall in Da Lat – The most popular Dalat scenery you will have for yourself the idea to be ready for the journey to explore Da Lat in the future. Ensure that these are beautiful scenes that you will never want to miss when coming to Da Lat.


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