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Attractive Destinations In The Suburbs Of Hanoi

Eco Park

If you would like to experience peaceful moments in a camping site at weekend with family or relatives, EcoPark will surely be an ideal choice for you, because this is the most beautiful and interesting eco-city in the area of Southeast Asia. EcoPark has large space, cool and fresh air, will definitely give you the best experience.

Attractive Destinations In The Suburbs Of Hanoi

In EcoPark, there is a number of areas, including Spring Park, Summer Park, outdoor recreation area, dining area and cafes with beautiful view, which ensure that you will have amazing experiences and the most comfort.

Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang is known as the most famous and oldest pottery village in Hanoi, which produces hundreds of famous handicrafts for export in the country as well as the international market.

Going to Bat Trang Ceramic Village, travelers on Hanoi street food will be visiting everywhere, watching and looking at beautiful pottery products, high-quality with many models and different shapes. Especially, you can yourselves handmade ceramic products as a precious gift for family and friends with the guidance of dedicated craftsmen here. And this is definitely a great memory for you.

Chu Dong Tu Temple

In Vietnam, there are many temples with the name Chu Dong Tu, however, only two main most sacred temples. The first temple located in Da Hoa village, Binh Minh commune, suburban area of Hanoi. This temple is also known with another name – Da Hoa Temple. The other is the temple located in Yen Vinh Village, Da Trach Commune. This temple is also called as Da Trach Temple.

Chu Dong Tu Temple is a great architectural work. This temple reflects the architecture, as well as the sculptural art of the Nguyen Dynasty, in particular, in large bronze statues carved quite sophisticatedly.

The space around Chu Dong Tu Temple is quite cool, quite quiet, creating a peaceful, pure and solemn sense.

Ham Lon peak

This tourist spot is located about 40 km from Hanoi capital, it is called “roof of the capital” with the poetic and natural scenery.

The mountain is not very high, quite suitable for mountain climbing, camping or picnicking … Especially on the mountain there is a fairly flat land, where tourists often camp, relax, wait for the most beautiful sunrise or sunset of the day.

Dong Mo – Son Tinh Cultural Village

This village is a place where the culture of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam is preserved and introduced. The main tourist areas are the house of people belonging to the ethnic groups of Gia Rai, Ede, Xu Dang, Ba Na and M’Nong.

In this village, many cultural activities, as well as many festivals reflecting the beauty of the Vietnamese people, are often organized, including singing folk songs, plant New Year’s tree or the cow racing festival in the That Son Mountain, etc.

Ba Vi National Park

This beautiful national park has many beautiful natural attractions, most charming for you to visit and experience. Especially, at the foot of Ba Vi mountain, there is a very beautiful lake called Tien Sa which associated with many thrilling stories revolves around it.

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Go to Ba Vi National Park, tourists on Hanoi food tours can admire the beauty that Mother Nature gives for that land and organize camping together in an extremely cool and peaceful atmosphere.

Quan Son lake

This large lake is a tourist destination near Hanoi quite interesting for you to come. The landscape of Quan Son lake is extremely beautiful, in a harmonious manner, with the limestone mountains and a cool green lake, bringing a calm, comfortable feeling to the visitors on street food tour in Hanoi.

Especially, if you are very lucky, you can come to Quan Son lake at the right time of the lotus blossom season, and you will feel the very fancy but very charming beauty, will surely leave you the best experience.

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