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Bach Ma National Park

Before becoming a national park, Bach Ma was of great interest for its well-known biodiversity resources of many rare animals and plants. For tourists of Tour in Vietnam who would like to find nature, love the wild, simplicity, and quiescence, Bach Ma National Park is a treasure.

Bach Ma National Park - Journey Vietnam

Legend about the name “Bach Ma”

Bach Ma (White Horse) National Park located in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province is one of 30 animal and plant conservation sites ranked National. The diversity and abundance of fauna and flora make this one of the most popular destinations for tourists. If you are a nature lover, Bach Ma is the best destination in Vietnam that you cannot ignore when visiting Hue.

Bach Ma is a national park on the mountain range of the same name in Thua Thien-Hue province. Legend is that once upon a time, gods often ride white horses down the mountain to play chess because of the beautiful scenery.

Bach Ma National Park - Journey Vietnam

When the gods were playing chess, horses were seeking grass. Waiting for horses for a long time, the gods must fly to heaven. The horses wandered around the mountains, turning into clouds that look like white horses, year round waiting for the owners. The name of Bach Ma originates from that.

The beauty of Bach Ma

About 40 km south of Hue city, Bach Ma Mountain nestled in the Truong Son Mountains looks like a white horse stretching out to the immense sea. Not only charming scenery, cool climate and French villas as in Da Lat, Bach Ma is also home to a variety of rare tropical animals and plants in the primitive forest with streams and spectacular waterfalls.

Bach Ma National Park - Journey Vietnam

Bach Ma Ecotourism Resort is located in the tourist administrative area of Bach Ma National Park. This was a famous resort in the French colonial period; with an area of 300 hectares, about 16km away from National Highway IA. Located at an altitude of 1,000 m to 1.450m compared to sea level, the resort is famous for the ideal beauty of the rainforest and subtropical climate – temperature in the summer is only from 18-23 degrees. Coming to Bach Ma, visitors will have a chance to explore the nature trails as interesting trail such as Tri Sao trail, Do Quyen waterfall trail, Hai Vong Tower trail. More interesting is that there are nearly 2,150 plant species, including some rare valuable species as incense and nearly 1,500 species of animals, including dozens of species listed in the Red Book as saola – one of the animals was detected in this country … the spectacular landscape with high mountains, streams, waterfalls and rich ecosystem with many species of animals and plants mix between tropical and subtropical climate. This is an interesting destination in Hue for backpacking tourists after many days of hard work.

Bach Ma National Park - Journey Vietnam

The Bach Ma National Park has a lot of rare trees were planted by the French. Mountain so the road has many slopes, but visitors do not feel tired and on their lips always smile. Because here there is a very talented guide of Hue City Tour who knows “talking animals”. They can call the saola or more than ten species of birds to our side. Each species has a different singing voice, harmonizing the harmonious music of the mountains and forests. Every night, visitors here do not distinguish skin color, languages, just living together under the roof of Bach Ma House. And so they also sip tea or wine, sing for each other or drop souls into the night of Bach Ma.

The best time for visitors to enjoy Bach Ma is summer and early autumn. The cold air will soothe the steps to conquer all the beauty of Bach Ma – the majestic and poetic picture formed by the high mountain ranges, the center of the natural forest. Here the scenery and monuments are blended together to make Bach Ma a unique tourist attraction.

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