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Bai Tranh Beach – The Paradise In The Heart Of The Paradise

Tri Nguyen Island is mentioned as one of the most beautiful islands in the country. This is not only the place which has the famous Bai Tranh Resort but also a famous tourist resort of Nha Trang with majestic natural scenery and strangely wild beauty. When visitors come to Tranh Beach, they will feel the majestic nature of the sea and mountains. At this destination, you also visit Mun island which is extremely beautiful and romantic. Follow the guide of Tours in Vietnam and travel to Bai Tranh to feel the beauty here.

Bai Tranh Beach – The Paradise In The Heart Of The Paradise - journey Vietnam

Overview of Bai Tranh Beach

Bai Tranh Beach Resort is located on Tri Nguyen island in Nha Trang, with a coastline of 500m, surrounded by wild mountains. This is one of the special features of Nha Trang Bay, pristine nature, friendly people – an interesting destination and unique and attractive games on the beach. Coming to Bai Tranh Resort with the guide of Vietnam package Tours, you feel comfortable with the staff from the island of Tri Nguyen, with the spirit of dedicated service to help you closer to people in the coastal town, and from here you can enjoy many exciting games on the beach.

You can take part in many activities on the sea such as coral seeing by glass boat, or explore the coral under the ocean through exciting diving services.

The beauty of Bai Tranh

Bai Tranh beach is a place with a unique beauty. White sand and the gravel is separated from each other quite naturally. Visitors can immerse themselves in the blue scenery full of white sand, golden sunshine, and cool wind, or take a stroll along the pebbles and massage your feet tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life, look for fun stones with the taste of the sea as a gift to friends. It is a place of peace and a unique taste of the sea that makes you fascinated.

Here there are small bamboo huts that you can lie down after playing with the waves. The feeling of peace in the scenery filled with only the birds singing, the leaves rustle and the wind will shake off the worries of urban life.

Visitors to Bai Tranh Beach resort will enjoy the comfort, fun when walking on the coast and on the mountain, making visitors feel like immersing into the wild space in the Vietnamese style of coastal areas.

It is interesting to have a walk at Bai Tranh and wander around in Nha Trang at night. After a few minutes of fun on the waves, visitors of  Best destination in Vietnam can rest on the small tents made of bamboo and grass, enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the far away ocean, listening to the birds singing, leaves rustle to forget the worries in the urban.

Other fun destinations

Tri Nguyen Lake

This is an artificial lake built in the 70s of the last century. In the lake, there are hundreds of species of marine life such as fish, sea turtles … Visiting this place, you will feel that you get lost in the vast aquarium with numerous attractive scenery.

Bai Soi Beach

Bai Soi is located in the direction of Tam island. There is no white sand but only small stones and gravels. You can take part in snorkeling activities to see the coral world.

Fishing village

The tour in Vietnam to Nha Trang beach usually has a schedule to visit the fishing village. The people in Bai Tranh mainly earn living by fishing and aquaculture, so there are many rafts of fish, lobsters, squid, oysters, snails … The boats travel to fishing villages often visit these rafts for tourists to buy delicious seafood rich in nutrients.

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