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Ban Ba Waterfall

On hot and muggy summer days, if you are immersed in the cool blue water in the poetic natural scenery, listen to the melodious song of wild birds, it is an interesting thing. If you would like to find a place like that, Ban Ba Waterfall, Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa district will be the best destination in Vietnam to discover the poetic beauty that nature has bestowed on this land.

Ban Ba Waterfall - Journey Vietnam

Overview to Ban Ba

Referring to the heroic Tuyen Quang, many people often think of the history of resistance against foreign invaders here. So this land is also known by names like “capital of resistance”, “capital of liberation”. Tuyen Quang is famous for many magnificent landmarks, such as Ban Ba waterfall.

Ban Ba Waterfall - Journey Vietnam

Ban Ba Waterfall is located at the foot of Phieng Khang Mountain, Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa District, 80km away from Tuyen Quang City. From Chiem Hoa, going 25km to reach the waterfall deep in the jungle, between the green and monumental mountains. Located in the center of Vinh Loc town (Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province) about 40 km asphalt road, Ban Ba waterfall is the local people such as beautiful girls do not know how to make up. Ban Ba River is about 3 km long, made up of 3 main waterfalls. The first falls are called Tac Cum, the second floor is called Tat Cao and the third is called Tac Gio.

The beautiful landscape

At the waterfalls, visitors of Tour in Vietnam will not be surprised when standing in the middle of a forest with melodious song of wild birds year-round. While at the foot of waterfall are always exciting by the water rumbling, at the top of the waterfall, visitors are immersed in the natural scenery is quiet and close, suitable for those who want to find a silent and poetic scene between the wild nature.

The white waterfalls pour down in the midst of a vast forest with hundreds of years old trees covering the sun, the creepers are strange crossing each other, making the ideal hammock for guests on the journey to explore the waterfall.

Jungle exploring is a pleasure for those who love wildlife. Coming to Ban Ba waterfall, visitors also see many kinds of birds, animals with colorful butterflies, insect species and many wild plants, breathe pure forest scent or admire simple forest flowers that humble as the heart of the hospitable highland people.

Water stream of Ban Ba falls down the stone steps to clear white foam to create a line of sound, roaring the whole forest. Beside the water column of the waterfall, there are many large and flat rocks as a natural carpet for visitors to stop sightseeing or to camp. From here, those who like to explore nature and enjoy adventure tourism can go to upstream cascade and set foot on the start of the falls.

The legend of this land

Coming to Ban Ba, visitors can admire the beautiful scenery that nature has given people, was immersed in the wide blue water with clear pebbles. The moment of walking on the side of the waterfall will bring visitors a feeling of relaxation, refreshment, dispel the fatigue after a string of work day. Another interesting thing is to be told by the people here that the “dong tree with red leaves”.

The story is that in the past Ca Luong lord governorate this land, one day went to the waterfall and met the dragons coiling pink clouds, so ridden the dragon to the top of the falls. The Lord met the fairy challenging chess, won the shoes which help people go thousands of miles. Thanks to this, the Lord can study in the capital but in every night still, flown home to meet his wife, however, his mother did not know. Seeing the bride pregnant, the mother suspected her having adultery. To wash her injustice, one evening, the wife hid a husband’s shoe. Next morning, the Lord went to the capital with a fairy shoe and the other covered with clay. Through the waterfall, the clay shoe was broken, the Lord came to school late and was expelled by the king, was arrested for the crime of insulting the king. Running home, the Lord turned into a column, the soldiers cut it, his body turned into a human, head away from the neck. The blood of the Lord flowed into the soil and become the red leaves dong trees.

A beautiful landscape, fresh air along with the traditional cultural identity of the ethnic minority here has helped visitors who take Vietnam package Tours enjoy the full natural and romantic scenery.

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