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Cafe Terrace – A Romantic Garden In The Heart Of The City

Sometimes you feel exhausted with the life full of difficulties and depressions, and wish to be “hidden” in a unique and new space, to “refresh” the emotions, don’t you? Then, Café Terrace is the most attractive place in Sai Gon city tour for you during the weekend! Discovering the beautiful “unique” cafe in the heart of Saigon will certainly make you feel more peaceful!

Cafe Terrace - A Romantic Garden In The Heart Of The City - Journey Vietnam

Where is Café?

Café Terrace is located on the ground floor of the busy business center called Takashimaya (Saigon Center) on Le Loi Street. If you have the opportunity to glance at the Café Terrace even only seconds, you will be surprised and amazed by the unique and impressive beauty of this café. This is one of the cafés that own space designed in new and unique attractive style in Saigon, which can “steal your soul” at first sight.

The poetic space

Entering the Café Terrace, you will feel like a forest in the fairyland of childhood dreams, be immersed in the green beautiful space of plants. In addition, you will also feel the mystery with the illuminated lights dangling in dreaming space.

The space of this café combines classic style, luxury, and proximity to nature. Each area has both individual and harmonious features. All are delicately designed with details, lines, creating special space making anyone interested and fascinated.

Café Terrace also is luxurious, but also poetic and lyrical. In the space of the café, you will always feel familiar and warm as if you have come many times. Here, you can say goodbye to the sadness, dismiss the daily worries and get ready to start a beautiful new day. You will feel greatly comfortable, relaxed and refreshing!

What to eat?

Coming to Café Terrace, you will have a chance to enjoy specialties of tea, coffee cups, drinks made from fresh ingredients such as juice, smoothie with cake and varied sweet snacks in Western style. In addition, you can also enjoy the pure Vietnamese dishes such as rice noodle, vermicelli, rolls, … as well as the set of full nutrients rice.

Café Terrace’s artistic beauty has made it become one of the most famous cafes in the city and the best destination in Vietnam. This beauty is like the “magnet” that attracts young people to “check-in” and immerse themselves in beautiful and unique space. With Café Terrace, you will make a wish to “quit the city without leaving the city”.

Thus, it is excellent to schedule a “check-in” Café Terrace right in the heart of Takashimaya after shopping, and entertainment. Do not miss the opportunity to take shimmering, magical photos to show it to everyone!

In Hanoi, there is also a Terrace Café that you can come to enjoy the peaceful moments. So why don’t you follow the guide of Hanoi food tours to discover the green space and the delicious food and drinks here?

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