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Cloud Sea On The Top Of Five Mountains

Everyone also still has a dream, that they can see paradise, walk on the cloud sea floating like in fairyland, touching the magic moments to carve them in the heart. Therefore, despite the difficulties, the travelers are still searching for their own dream, at the towering peaks, where the white ‘tsunami’  still torrential along the lines of time. Just standing there once, you will not expect much more. Coming here, you will listen to every breath of nature which is blended into the vastness of heaven and earth, make your spirit immerse into the natural beauty, glide smoothly and gently on the “white silk” shimmering in the sunshine of early morning.

Cloud Sea On The Top Of Five Mountains

Bach Moc Luong Tu

Originally, when referring to “tsunami” on the top of the mountain, people often think immediately Fansipan – “the roof of Indochina” which has gone into the legend. However, to meet the demand of quantity of visitors on Vietnam package Tours, people have built many projects such as cable car, fence, etc on the mountain. So now, the highest peak in Vietnam seems to have lost its inherent natural beauty. Instead of coming to Fansipan, people are looking for Bach Moc Luong Tu, which is still drowned in the sea of clouds, to satisfy the virtual landscape as the gift of Mother Earth.

Bach Moc Luong Tu is considered as the desert island in the fairy world that everyone also would like to set foot once. Indeed, on the days without rain, people see Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain with a very poetic but no less glorious scene. Only the white color of the cloud drifted in the wind, revealing the little peak. Standing here, you will feel that you are not in the real world but getting lost in the Eden.

Ta Xua Peak

Ta Xua – where the border between Yen Bai and Son La do not make people feel regret for brave over difficulty to reach the village of Highland. Ta Xua draws a miracle picture of the mountains of the North West, The clouds are stacked thickly, drifting so slowly and gradually that the time seems to be paused. There are no words to describe it all beauty here.

The red Basalt road in the middle, the white clouds floating and calm in the smooth sunshine, like a ladder to heaven. Occasionally, the traditional skirt highland people skims the magical, dreaming but vivid scenery.

Sin Ho Valley

Sin Ho is a strange name for tourists who like traveling for rest, but with the adventurous traveler, preferring to become a backpacker, Sin Ho is remembered in the heart. Sin Ho is the favorite ‘cloud hunting’ destination at any time of the year. Just without the rain, just with a faint sunlight to melt the foggy plate that surrounds the mountain, you can admire the ocean of the clouds are as the waves in the distance.

Clouds are arranged in layers, each layer of ‘naughty’ goes through the valleys, ‘runs’ into the village, ‘lies’ on the roof, ‘hovers’ on terraced fields and then ” wanders’ across the winding pathway. Along with the characteristic cold in the high mountains, clouds and fogs are tangled together as the fairy clouds.

Ba Na Hill

Although not favored more than “the friend” North West, in Central, you can also find the ideal destination to hunt “cloud sea” on any days of the year. It is Peak of Ba Na Hill in Danang. The thick clouds covering the primitive forest look like an ink painting on the mountain.

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The best time to watch “the most magic tides” in Ba Na is in the early morning when dawn begins to greet the new day. Sunshine glows lightly on the cloud sea are hovering on the Buddha statue, creating a shimmering color, making visitors on Tours in Vietnam feel they get lost in Buddhist realm.


Da Lat –  Best destination in Vietnam – is dreaming, causing many people to be surprised by the poetic and romantic beauty as the gentle first love. Dalat is not only the flowers season or pine forests, Da Lat also has a mist cloud as in the fairyland.

Clouds in Dalat sometimes are as strong as the ‘fierce tsunami’ of the ocean, but sometimes as smooth as the silk stripes across the sky, sometimes cold as freezing, but sometimes warm and gentle beneath the shimmering sunshine. Clouds wander all the corners of Dalat, they land on the pine forest, then quietly ‘lean back’ into the green vegetable garden. At any moment, the ‘cloud of Da Lat’ also makes the heart of the traveler rhythmic because of lovely beauty.

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