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Destination for October in the North

October, the month of autumn with the autumnal cold breeze, the golden sunshine in the early pristine morning. Stepping on the road, we will feel the evidently clear air of autumn: the cold morning and the noon full of sunshine. October is the ideal time for couples creating a memorable wedding and also the beautiful time to begin the journey to conquer nature. The following will be interesting destinations in the North of Vietnam that this article would like to share with you.

Ha Giang


Unlike the fierce sunshine of summer, sunshine in the fall is always soothing and sweet, giving a pleasant feeling everywhere. In the fall, wearing a thin sweater, stepping out of the door early in the morning, welcoming the first rays of the day is a very exciting feeling.

The special features of Hanoi fall are many, most notably the milk flower. The people who are far from their country cannot forget the smell of milk flowers passionate when remembering about Hanoi. The fall is also the time when the flowering milk is blooming. If visitors on Hanoi City Tour wander on the streets of Nguyen Du or Nguyen Chi Thanh, they will feel most clearly the fragrance of this special flower.

With the Hanoians, autumn is also the season of com (green rice) – a simple but elegant gift. Each of the grain of young rice brings in the essence of heaven and earth, covered with the autumn sunshine and wrapped in a green lotus leaf on the baskets of vendors, containing dearly loved and idyllic images.

To enjoy the most complete autumn of Hanoi, you should find yourself a small corner of the West Lake or in a small cafe in the old town, sit sipping a bitter coffee, watching the stream of people to find the peaceful feeling in Hanoi.

Ha Giang

October is also the time when a flower bloom in the North that makes people fascinated by its beauty. If anyone has ever visited the land of Ha Giang but not know the tam giac mach flower (buckwheat), it is really a pity. Although tam giac mach flowers are found most in Cao Bang and Lao Cai, only in Ha Giang this flower is really special: the petals when starting to bloom are slightly violet, then gradually change to pink and dark red.

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The flowers are called “tam giac” (means triangle) is because within each tiny flower there is a fine grain, the petals bunching up, creating triangles together. Not only flowers but also their leaves are triangular. Ethnic people here use buckwheat flour to make bread or to make liquor, there are places where people make this wheat to raise cattle.

The triangle flower field not only makes Vietnamese tourists of Vietnam Travel Agent enjoy but also fascinated foreign tourists with its beautiful and extremely charming color. Going to Ha Giang at this time and watching the endless flowering buckwheat flower fields will be an extremely interesting choice.

Ba Van horse ranch

Located about 7km from the center of Song Cong town in Thai Nguyen province, Ba Van horse ranch formerly is now renamed the Center for Mountainous Livestock Research and Development (under MARD) as one of the largest horse farms in the north. This place is not only famous for nurturing, preserving and breeding of precious horses for Vietnam but also a place with beautiful landscape, attracting many young people to visit, take photos.

There are more than 140 horses, including five main types of horses: purebred Kabadin horse; hybrid horses between Kabadin and Vietnamese horses; White horse; mini horse; Hybrid horse (Kabadin hybrid horse + purebred racehorse).

Dong Cao Plateau

In recent years, the name Dong Cao has been known to many people, especially young people love exploring in the form of backpacking. With the wonderful beauty of Creator, together with the wild nature, the friendly indigenous people, this place increasingly attract more tourists on Tours in Vietnam to Bac Giang.

Dong Cao plateau belongs to Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province. Because it is the new destination and still quite far, the road to Dong Cao is very difficult and dangerous. From Ha Noi, go Bac Ninh and then Bac Giang, turn to Chu, pass Cam Dan, then follow the main road from Thach Son through Dong Bam to Dong Cao.

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Come here, you will be impressed by the fresh air and extremely wild nature. Stretching throughout the plateau is a pale green of grass, intermingled with the green carpet is the rocks and the small house of ethnic minority. You will have an enjoyable experience here.

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