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There are many best destination in Vietnam such as: Temple of Literature, Bac Ha market, Cham Islands, Imperial Citadel, Phong Nha caves, Cu Chi tunnels, Mekong Delta, Sa Pa terraces, Hoan Kiem lake, Thien Mu pagoda, Ha Long Bay… Tam Dao is the best destination in Vietnam.

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Tam Dao is known as a wild, fanciful tourist site with a romantic and majestic natural setting. Travelling to Tam Dao, you will be admiring the extremely fancy and impressive scene. The mysterious houses in the fog or beautiful French architectural villas will undoubtedly be the longest in your memory of a beautiful little city.

Tam Dao was discovered by the French in the late of 19th century. Immediately they built a resort at here with 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, swimming pool. Today, the villas were not much left. You can go to Tam Dao in any seasons of the year because the weather in Tam Dao is so ideal. With 1000m high, Tam Dao has a cool weather throughout the year like Da Lat or Sa Pa. In addition, the quite short distance from Hanoi, only 70km, has made it become attractive place for Hanoi people in weekends and holidays.

Tam Dao tourist area is not too large, the places are also quite close to each other, you just need to walk.

Some attractions in Tam Dao:

-Van pagoda: it was built in 2009 and located 9km away from Tam Dao town.

-Telecommunication tower:

-Silver waterfall

-Tam Dao ancient church: This church was built in 1937 by the French. However, most of which were destroyed during the war. This church is the only architecture that remains intact. This is an interesting site with pretty overall view of Tam Dao nature.

-Public pool

-Thuong Ngan princess temple.

Famous specialties of Tam Dao

Su su is the most famous specialty of Tam Dao. It is a kind of vegetable. You can see this vegetable planted at everywhere. They cover a large area on mountainsides, houses front, and on both sides of road. Su su at here is always fresh and has good resistance. Farmers never use pesticides so they’re very clean and tasty. They can be cooked into many dishes: su su stir fried with beef or garlic, su su fruit can be boiled and eaten with sesame or fish sauce, etc.

There are many hotels and guest houses including luxury hotels and cheaper hotels. It is often about 200.000-400.000 VND per day. However, if you book before you come, you can get the rooms with the cheaper prices. The restaurant is airy and beautifully furnished with the large parking. Here diverse kinds of European and Vietnamese cuisines are served. With the experienced chefs, Vietnamese cuisine lovers will have a chance to eat innovative Vietnamese dishes. It is a really wonderful place to celebrate wedding, meeting parties or honey moon week for couples.
I’m sure that many people will ask the question: How to go VietNam?

Tam Dao tourist area is about 80 km from Hanoi, you will take 2 hours to travel from Ha Noi to Tam Dao. You have many choices in vehicles such as: taxi, self-drive car, etc. From Ha Noi, you move to Thang Long Bridge in the direction of the way to Noi Bai Airport, go straight ahead about 25km to the crossroads between National Highway 2 and AH 14 and Thang Long North Road. You turn left to Highway 2 about 500m, then turn to Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway about 25 km to Tam Duong district. You will have to follow Highway 2B Go about 20km to the center of Tam Dao resort. However, the way in Tam Dao is narrow, the slope is high. Therefore, you need to drive very carefully.

If you arrived to Tam Dao, i am sure that you would not want to leave here.

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