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Explore The Hidden Beauty Of Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa Province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam contains a large number of interesting tourist places yet a few people have a deep understanding of the whole beauty of the natural landscape and historical relics as well. In summer, in a vast majority of people come here to swim in Sam Son, Hai Tien, Hai Hoa beaches. However, the summer season is gradually gone, is there nothing to attract you?. Of course not. The distance of Hanoi from Thanh Hoa is not far so that you may spend two days on weekend discovering the concealed places which do not have too much tourist services with Hanoi Daily Tour is a good idea for you so as to unwind after a long hard- working week.

Natural reserve

If you search on Google with key words “natural reserve in Thanh Hoa” or simply visit Vietnam Tourist Information, both will show you many nature preserves like: Pù Hu, Pù Luông, Xuân Liên, Tam Quỳ. Pu Luong nature preserve currently containing the value of the rich natural landscape, diverse fauna and flora is now becoming an attractive destination for those who love to explore nature. More importantly, you are able to conquer the highest mountain in the region with a height of 1700m, which will be your forgettable experience when admiring the spectacular beauty of Pu Luong Valley.

How about national Park? It is no doubt that you know the Cuc Phuong National Park which is the first national park in Viet Nam. It nowadays becomes a center of supplying rare and precious plant species having high economic value for afforestation programs in the region and the whole country.

There is the other one you do not want to miss is Ben En National Park considered as “Ha Long on land”. It possesses the untouched, wide beauty with extensive green forest, sparkling water when coming here you will have the feeling of being lost in the fantasy world with the river cloudless sky, and the romantic scenery of the lake Muc River.

Historial relics

Thanh Hoa is one of the first living places of the ancient Vietnamese and is a border land so there are many historical relics such as: the Citadel of Ho Dynasty, the relic of Nga Son, Ham Rong, etc. we will give you further information about The Citadel of Ho Dynasty where most people visit much.

The citadel built in 1937 demonstrates the use of architectural elements in terms of space management and decoration designed for a centralized imperial city in order to show a concept of royal power. It is one of the few remaining stone citadels in the world.

Have the above sites of Thanh Hoa attracted you? Especially, there are still such many fantastic places that we can not mention all.  Contact right 14 days in Vietnam to get started a trip.


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