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Four Amazing Destinations To Admire Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a famous tourist destination with an interesting experience of sea tourism and relaxation. But an interesting experience that not everyone knows when coming to Vung Tau is looking for destinations to see Vung Tau from high altitude. Con Heo hill, the sea lighthouse, Nghinh Phong Cape and the Statue of God stretching the hand will be the destinations which bring you beautiful views of Vung Tau from high sides!

Four Amazing Destinations To Admire Vung Tau

Con Heo Hill

Located in Bai Sau Beach, Thuy Van, Vung Tau, Con Heo Hill – the destination with this curious name has made many travelers right here and discover the uniqueness of this place when you can view beautiful Vung Tau from the high side. Con Heo Hill will be a very interesting check-in point so that visitors on Vietnam package Tours can enjoy creating the most “virtual” photos!

Con Heo Hill is a harmonious combination of two beauty: the wild and fresh charm of nature. The road to the Con Heo Hill is covered with rocky gravel and the shrubs so the scenery here is extremely dreaming. But that is just the image that visitors can see in the dry season. In the rainy season, Con Heo hill becomes fresh with green patches of grass and colorful flowers.

From the hill, visitors can see the whole of Vung Tau beaches. The one side is the green – clean city and the other is a large beach, covered with the fresh blue of seawater. Vung Tau viewed from Con Heo Hill has beautiful lyrical beauty and charm, making visitors fascinated and surprised.

Tao Phung mountain lighthouse

One more place will make visitors on Tours in Vietnam ecstatic when seeing beautiful Vung Tau from the high side – Tao Phung mountain lighthouse. Located on the top of Tao Phung Mountain, in Ward 2, Vung Tau, the lighthouse is the destination where visitors can have beautiful check-in photos and photos from Vung Tau in the high side.

At the lighthouse, you have to follow the stairs leading to the lighthouse. From here, visitors can feel the fresh water of the sea, the smell of the sea breeze with the rows of Plumeria flowers under the lighthouse. The feeling of seeing Vung Tau from the high lighthouse makes visitors feel that human beings are so small in nature and Mother Nature will bring great peace of mind for human beings.

Nghinh Phong Cape

Located at No. 1, Ha Long Road, Vung Tau, the hot spot is not only to visit the natural scenery but also the location is convenient for watching the vast sea and mountain.

Nghinh Phong is a combination of rocky gravel and blue of the sea. From the main road, there will be a stone staircase leading the way to the head of Nghinh Phong. Nghinh Phong Cape with unique rocks surrounding, making this place become attractive. And especially, when watching Vung Tau from Nghinh Phong, visitors will love more Vung Tau than ever because of this beautiful harmony!

The statue of God

Located on the Tao Phung mountain with the sea lighthouse Vung Tau, the statue of the God stretching hands is a spiritual tourist destination of the coastal city of Vung Tau. The statue of God of Vung Tau is built about 176m high compared to sea level should not be missed when tourists want to see Vung Tau from the high side.

To reach the foot of the statue of God, visitors on Vietnam Private Tour must overcome the “challenge” of 800 steps. The statue of God is a combination of the unique architecture and the spiritual beauty of Christianity. The statue of God is built with the image of God holding out his hand to protect all believers in the world. And his arm is also the point that will make visitors fascinated when watching Vung Tau from here.

From the statue of God, visitors can see the beautiful sea of Vung Tau. Not only that, the small island on the far side is prominent in the blue sea as the jade adorning Vung Tau scene.

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