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Four Extreme Points Of Vietnam (Part 2)

Ca Mau – the Southernmost point of Vietnam

Mui Ca Mau is located in Mui hamlet, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district and about 120km from Ca Mau City. There are two ways to get there. If you like strong feelings, visitors on Vietnam package Tours can start in the city Ca Mau and reach there by canoe for about 3 hours on the river.

Four Extreme Points Of Vietnam (Part 2)

Traveling from Ca Mau, going through many rivers and canals like Ganh Hao, Bay Hap, Nam Can … you also can see many beautiful sceneries on the banks of the river, the life of people living in the river.

The second way is from Nam Can, about 60km from Ca Mau city. The discovery on the walking road to the southernmost is also interesting.

Unlike the Westernmost or Northernmost conquest, the journey to the South is more pleasant with flat and straight paved roads. It is still green of trees and grass on the two sides of the road, but is free space, stretching smooth, making visitors relaxed and refreshing. Instead of mountain boulders, this area is full of swamps and canals.

Ca Mau in Khmer means “black water”, with the typical color of Melaleuca leaf, mangrove leaf of U Minh forest.

Vietnam’s southernmost land is beautiful as inviting visitors to cross long distances, stand in the only position on land that can watch the sunrise in the East and sunset in the West. In the vast expanse of the sea, standing in the middle of the wilderness of heaven and earth, watching the seagulls fly in the sky, watching the mangrove forest, you will immerse yourself in the smoke in the afternoon to feel all the beauty of this land.

Lung Cu flag pole – Northernmost point of Vietnam

Coming to Ha Giang, visitors are looking forward to the flagpole Lung Cu, where the head of the country, which has long been a sacred image in the hearts of every Vietnamese land.

Lung Cu flag tower – Best destination in Vietnam for backpacking tourists – is one of the national flagpole located on Lung Cu mountain, also called Rong Mountain (Long Son), is the northernmost point of Vietnam.

From the parking lot midway up the mountain, visitors have to conquer 286 stone steps to the height of 1.700m, standing under the red flag with a yellow star of 54m2 (express for 54 ethnic brothers).

The road to the Northernmost of Vietnam is extremely dangerous. Visitors on Vietnam Private Tour have to pass through the most imposing streets, along with the rocky mountains with continuous bends, one side is the extremely high cliffs, the other is the deep abyss. However, these are also interesting challenges that each tourist would like to experience in the journey to conquer the North extreme point Vietnam. You will cross majestic natural wonders such as Dong Van stone plateau, Quan Ba mountain, or endless terraced fields, on the uninterrupted abyss of Ma Phi Leng Pass – one The four famous mountain pass Vietnam.

Standing at the Northernmost point in the North of Vietnam, you can enjoy the majestic nature of the country, monumental mountains with green terrace fields. The villages of the Lo Lo, Tay, Nung is hidden in the fog. Simple life in Vietnam as it continues in the harshness of nature, which expresses the force, the bravery of the people who are guarding the spiritual land of the whole nation.

It must be said that, with the tourists, only visiting the four extreme points in Vietnam: Lung Cu Flagpole in Ha Giang, A Pa Chai in Muong Nhe, Dien Bien), Mui Doi in Khanh Hoa and Ca Mau is proving to have traveled around the country.

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