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Hue And Ten Amazing Puzzle Pieces (Part 1)

Referring to Saigon, people imagine a city that is always bustling all day and night. Speaking of Da Lat, people remember the white clouds hovering around the hills, gently letting down on the forest full of mystery. And referring to Hue, people dream about the dreamland, a little gentle and calm, giving people the feeling of peace which is hard to describe. It is unknown why each time setting foot in Hue, the heart seems to be cultivated with love, filled with sweet feelings as if being hypnotized. To anyone who has sent and will send sentiments to Hue, 10 cute puzzle pieces will be ideal to find themselves a corner of heaven.

Hue And Ten Amazing Puzzle Pieces (Part 1)

Huong River

Not too long and wide, but Huong River always bring visitors on Hue City Tour gentle and calm feeling with poetic clear green water throughout four seasons. Huong River makes the footsteps of tourists cannot continue, let visitors just want to admire without being bored. On the small boat, the Huong River takes visitors through Vy Da green garden, to hear the bell tower in Tian Mu pagoda and adventure in the sky with clouds in Huyen Khong boating.

Ngu Mountain

Besides Huong River, Ngu Binh Mountain is also one of the symbols of Hue. The mountain is 105m high, with the appearance of a man thinking with eyes enjoying the dream painting which is grafted by the Huong River, the houses hidden among the green of the forest and the beach Thuan An with white sand in far away. Because the mountains are not so high, not only tourists taking Vietnam Private Tour to Hue but also local people enjoy the stroll in mountain Ngu, immerse yourself into the cool air and hear the pine forest to let go of all bother.

Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel is located in Hue Imperial Citadel, recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage, a stopping point for visitors to experience the cultural, historical and even ancient architecture. Hue Citadel was built by King Gia Long in 1805, but it was not until 1832 that Minh Mang was completed. Architecture in the Citadel including Hoang Thanh and the Forbidden City mixes the culture of Vietnam and France, bringing the sophistication no less serious. Going to Hue Citadel, passing through each corner, tourists like to turn back nearly 200 years ago, recognize the old golden imprints are known through history books.

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is beautiful and tranquil right from the angle of Hai Van Pass, and when you come closer, you will feel the pure taste of the sea and the sweet flavor of wind Lang Co left an impression in the hearts of tourists Hue by the blue water of the sea, the smooth golden sand in the sunlight and the red houses stand out in the blue of sky.  Lang Co is always beautiful, liberal and sweet as the warmth of the fishermen, making the footsteps people not want to far away.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is also known as the Ai Pass or the Cloud Pass, is one of the most famous passes in our country. Therefore, if visitors of Tours in Vietnam have a chance to travel to Hue, tourists certainly cannot miss the opportunity to stand on the Hai Van pass, to make the hand touch the mist as a silk stretching across the mountainside. Close your eyes and spread out your hands to embrace the whole of the world, to make your soul free in the fresh air.

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