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Hunt Clouds Atop Ta Xua Peak

As one of the top 10 tallest mountains in Vietnam according to Vietnam Tourist Information, Ta Xua has long been known for its appearance as a dinosaur, urging travelers to explore.

Hunt Clouds Atop Ta Xua Peak - Journey Vietnam

The road to hunt clouds

Ta Xua has long been no longer a strange name to young people who love climbing. Many young people have said that conquering the “dinosaurs” Ta Xua and enjoying the full “specialty” white clouds Ta Xua, Son La is the most interesting experience in the journey.

The road to Ta Xua range starts from Ta Xua village (Ban Cong commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province). From the center of the district to the Ta Xua is a long way about 7km, but to reach the highest peak there is an only way with a slope which is difficult to pass to anyone who wants to conquer it.

The name of the cloud sea in the air, the interference between heaven and earth, the mountains with the image of dinosaur’s back .., have urged the foot of many travelers to explore the Ta Xua range.

Hunt Clouds Atop Ta Xua Peak - Journey Vietnam

Ta Xua is monumental to form a natural boundary between Yen Bai and Son La, with three peaks constituting a wonderfully imposing wonder. The highest point is the place where the flag of Vietnam is raised at an altitude of 2,850m. At the second peak, there are still remains of an old flagpole that was built in the French colonial period.

The third highest point is in the middle, which is like a hyphen creating the back of a prehistoric dinosaur. There are two routes for you to conquer this “back”, one is from Ta Xua village and the second one from Bac Yen.

The majestic moments

Ta Xua is about 230km from Hanoi. The highlight of this mountain is three main peaks forming the shape of the back of a dinosaur. This not only impresses visitors to Ta Xua but also demonstrates the fondness of Mother Nature for the land of Son La, that makes this place become the best destination in Vietnam to backpack.

After a few hours of hiking and mastering this “huge dinosaur”, visitors are given a gift of the Northwest sky – “White Clouds Sea” in the stories that you always hear about Ta Xua.

You will go through a cliff like a turtle head. There were many conquerors who had stopped to photograph in this place before. The turtle’s head is located at an altitude of 2,120m, it would be extremely exciting to see such “a turtle” on the mountain.

Ta Xua has many flowers. In addition to the popular forest flowers such as white, pink, red Azalea, Apricot, … there are countless wildflowers covering with mountains.

The wild daisies are white, stretching in the valley. It is said that it has only been appearing here for decades, after the fires of large forests.

Come to Ta Xua, luckily we can catch clouds. Thus, this is the ideal place for you to enjoy watching the clouds floating slowly and make wonderful photos.

The best time to Ta Xua

To explore the seascape of clouds in Ta Xua, you should choose the time to go because in summer There is little chance to encounter the majestic clouds. According to the experience of many people who have joined in Vietnam package Tours to Ta Xua, the appropriate time to “hunt clouds” in Ta Xua is from October to April next lunar year.

The ideal time to hunt clouds in Ta Xua is winter and spring. At this time, the probability of “clouds hunting” is very high. And in particular, in these seasons, clouds is very beautiful, and there are miraculous and impressive moments.

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