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Ke Go Lake

Located among the green of Ha Tinh mountains, Ke Go Lake is gentle as a romantic dreaming wanderer leisurely stroll day by day. Ke Go is a man-made lake, but its beauty is no less than natural lakes that touch people’s hearts. In the afternoon, here in the midst of thousands of green leaves, clear water, we see real peaceful and calm.

Ke Go Lake

Ke Go lake is considered to be the largest lake in Ha Tinh also the Best destination in Vietnam for Ha Tinh tourists, a part of Ke Go Nature Reserve that extends over 3 districts of Cam Xuyen, Ky Anh, and Huong Khe. Ke Go is an artificial reservoir for irrigation. But today, not only serving people but also become the pride of the Ha Tinh people, a peaceful place among the busy life.

The lake built on Rao Cai River has been nearly forty years old. In the midst of majestic mountains making a great impression, the lake becomes a large mirror reflecting mountains and hills here. Space is open and airy, creating so poetic emotions. In front of the beauty of this place, musician Nguyen Van Ty has composed songs “Ke Go builders” to tell the story of building the lake. From that day, from the first sight, Ke Go has provoked the artistic inspirations of many people who love the beauty.

The song about Ke Go expresses the heart of patriotism. Inspired by the flow of natural harmony, it is the moment of sublimation of the creature, the artist.

Ke Go Lake is a great place for nature lovers. This place is covered by plants, rare animals not only in our country but also in the world. Coming here, you will feel you are getting lost in the wonderful natural land, in the shadow of water, of forest trees. In the afternoon, your heart will become peaceful and quiet.

In the midst of the Ke Go stream, the trees are still growing and creating cool shades. The small oasis decorates for the cool green lake. Visitors on Tours in Vietnam suddenly have the feeling of being in a dreaming fairyland with a little bit a mystery but very attractive.

The attraction of this place is not only for pure nature lovers with admiration for the beauty of the land but also for many scientists everywhere to find to study. The rich and rare natural resources here are the treasures of the nation, of mankind.

The appearance of Ke Go is the success of nature, the success of human. The romantic lagoon, help us to discharge the annoyance and also help the land get off the drought of the dry season, and the violent flood in the rainy season.

Ke Go with the violence and the rudeness in the past under the human hand has become gentle. The lake has softened and captivated the footsteps of the traveler on Tour in Vietnam. This place is the land of flowers, plants and rare animals.  Ke Go Lake is given generously bestowed with the most beautiful and alluring charm by the Mother Nature.

The lake is clear green as a large mirror, reflecting the blue of the sky, the green of trees on the mountains, and the white of clouds, making visitors remember forever, making tourists fall in love with the beauty of Ke Go lake right in the first sight. Despite being artificial irrigation work, Ke Go still brings the beauty which is not inferior anywhere.

Arrive at Ha Tinh on one afternoon to let the heart follow the water stream of Ke Go, clouds in the sky. The green land will embrace and soothe your heart. The vegetation here is contributing to preserving the pure beauty of the country. Each trip is an enjoyable experience journey, so carry the backpack and go!

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