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Linh An Pagoda – Color of Vietnam

Linh An Pagoda or Linh An Tu is one of the most beautiful pagodas in Lam Dong. From Linh An Pagoda, visitors can take a few steps to visit another famous attraction that is Voi Waterfall (Elephant Falls).

Linh An Pagoda - Color of Vietnam

Overview of Linh An Pagoda

Located about 27 km from Dalat city, in Voi Waterfall Scenic area in Lam Ban town, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province Linh An Pagoda is a famous temple in Da Lat and a tourist attraction. Many visitors come here for pilgrimage and sightseeing, especially for adventurous Westerners who like to explore and enjoy the colors of the Orient. They like to come here to feel a different space. Moreover, the pagoda is quite special, it is located on a quiet hill with fresh air.

It was founded in 1993 by the Venerable Thich Tam Vi, with an area of 4 hectares. The road to Linh An Pagoda has many steep slopes and undulating pine hills with many strange shapes. If you travel from the provincial road 725, will see Linh An Pagoda hidden in the pine forest as a dragon head spraying water.

Linh An pagoda is located peacefully in the middle of the hill, lying on the height of 1.080m. In front of the pagoda is Voi waterfall flowing year-round as an ink picture, behind the pagoda also has green pine forest so the air in the pagoda is always cool and quiet.

Majestic architecture of Linh An Pagoda

When you come to Linh An Pagoda, you will be surprised with the impressive and charming works created by the excellent hands of people here.

In front of the pagoda is a statue of the Quan Yin built in 1994, a pair of dragons molded by cement is very soulful and delicate leading visitors to step into the main area. The pair of dragons is molded by cement and sculptured by skilled artisans.

Outside of the temple is the largest Maitreya Buddha statue in Lam Dong, 12.5m high, built in 2000. Inside, the Buddha statue is divided into 3 floors displaying to increase space to learn about Buddhism. Behind the Buddha statue is a 15-room house that serves as a place for Buddhist activities.

Visitors of Vietnam Small Group Tours will have to stand and see the main hall (started construction in 1999), over 1400m2 with red tile roof. At the two sides led to the main hall are two sophisticated dragons made of cement 20 meters long.

On the fifteenth day and the first day of the lunar month, thousands of local Buddhists go to the pagoda to offer incense. After working hours, the Buddhists near the pagoda to chant Buddhist scripture.

The pagoda with majestic Voi waterfall which is a beautiful waterfall with a height of nearly 30m as a patch of white water flowing day and night, mysterious black stones lying under the falls as the back of elephants herd being under the beautiful water. All give you a wonderful feeling that can not be expressed in words.

Besides the sound of pine trees, you can hear the sound of the waterfall with the sound of the pagoda bell in the early morning, creating a wonderful sound, making visitors every time to visit Linh An Pagoda feel peaceful. It is hard to forget about the majestic beauty of the pagoda and the landscape of natural as charming water painting.

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