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Majestic Moments At The Highest Places In Vietnam

On one day when we find peace of mind, we quietly folded all the worries into each small drawer, to start a trip where the heart is free in the middle of nature. There is a desire that any backpacker “craves” to contemplate in his life, that is to take his face caught the first sun rays of sunrise and immerse into the magnificent space of the sunset at the highest, most majestic place. If your foot is ready to go, just go to fulfill your dream.

Majestic Moments At The Highest Places In Vietnam


“Living with Passions” is one of the most immortal words that most people love to carry around as a precious gift than anything else. You have to live with the passion to know you live, not just exist. And the trip to the roof of Indochina which is higher than 3,000m is naturally for that.

Floating in the white clouds looking like a trip of silk accidentally dropping into the mountain, Fansipan has the “ability to hypnotize” all people. All people who book Sapa easy trekking tour also want to stand at the landmark, admire the whole alluring scenery below. When dawn begins to appear, dye up the cloud with another color, sparkling and fanciful than ever.

At the peak of Fansipan, the sun seems to be so close that just taking the foot through the sea of clouds, your hands will reach that fire. These beautiful moments will be kept deep in the heart of the travelers, creating a shimmering color in the picture of their life.

Kang Nam Ho Tao

People often refer to Fanxipan, Bach Moc Luong Tu, Nhiu Co San, but almost forgot Kang Nam Ho Tao – one of the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam. Kang Nam Ho Tao is almost forgotten if it does not has “rare beauty” difficult to find. The 2,881m high mountain in Lai Chau with a hard path to conquest always offers the emotional level for the backpackers.

The beauty of Nam Kang Ho Tao is harmonious from cliffs along with the murmuring springs, moss covering the way and the powerful sun lightening the mountain. On the hard way, each ray of light through each leaf is the most pleasant halo makes the legs have the motivation to continue. When reaching the top of the mountain visitors on Vietnam package Tours will have many strange feelings, also find that there is a place to see so beautiful sunrise, splendid, brilliant and full of mystery.

Bach Moc Luong Tu

On Bach Moc Luong Tu, you will feel the clouds hovering on the top of the mountain, covering the grass, touching the foot slightly, creating the emotions hard to describe in your heart. Standing in the Bach MocLuong Tu, many people think that they are lost in another world, a fairyland full of illusions.

The moment the sun began to shine, each light streamed directly into the cloud and the mountains became even more alluring. Warm sunshine spreads over the entire mountain, making dewdrops solute quickly, and the color of clouds change in a moment. Whether in sunrise or sunset, Bach Moc Tu Luong is so beautiful that it can touch the heart of visitors.

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After 40 years of liberation, the Pearl of the Far East has added a new symbol for modern, youthful and integrated rhythm – Bitexco building. Bitexco is the third tallest building in Vietnam, shaped like a lotus flower, located in the heart of district 1 of the city. Designed entirely from glass, it is easy for travelers on Sai Gon City Tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the entire city at all times, especially at dawn, sunset and night.

The 49th floor of the building is considered to be the most beautiful sight, when the sunlight begins to appear, Saigon is like a wake up after a short night, preparing for a new day. Then when the light gradually let go, the sky painted more contrasting colors, for Saigon to slowly immerse into the night, shimmering with the street lights.


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