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Mariamman – Indian Temple in the Heart of Saigon

The Saigon people believe that the Mariamman temple was very sacred, so many Vietnamese come to worship at the temple, in addition to the Vietnamese people which have the Indian origin.

Saigon has over 300 years of history. This is a land that people in many countries settle in, including the Chinese, Indians, and many other ethnic groups. The culture in Saigon, like other extended cities in the world, such as New York or Shanghai, so people here is open-minded, not as hard as elsewhere.

Mariamman - Indian Temple in the Heart of Saigon

As Indians came here more than 120 years ago, their temples were built for a long time. For example, this temple was built in 1885, about 125 years ago.

“Indian Goddess Pagoda is the name that people used to call the Hindu temple of Indians located at 45 – Truong Dinh – District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City. The original name is Mariamman – the name of the Mariamman, the goddess of the successful harvest, fertile soil, abundant health, smooth marriage, great children.

The temple was built in the early 20th century when a large number of Indians migrated to Vietnam and live near the temple area today. Today, the temple is still regarded by the Indians as their most sacred place. Every day, there are plenty of visitors on Sai Gon City Tour – both Indians and Vietnamese, foreign tourists from Tours in Vietnam to pray for the blessings for themselves and their families. Besides this, the sellers of incense, candles, flowers … served throughout the day.

Mariamman Temple worships theGoddess Mariamman, an incarnation of Siva (God of Destruction). While Siva was worshiped by the middle and upper classes, Mariamman was worshiped by the poor. She helps the weather be good, the harvest is bumper.

Inside the temple, on the three sides of the temple wall, there are 18 statues of the 18 gods, all of whom are the reincarnations of Siva. “Mariammam is a goddess (myth) in popular Hinduism in the South of India. There are three Hindu temples in District 1: one in Truong Dinh Street, one in Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street and the other in Ton That Thiep Street. In these temples, the temple at 45 Truong Dinh Street, Ben Thanh Ward is the oldest temple with many Vietnamese and Chinese people coming for worship.

The temple was built in 1885, in the area where Indians previously set up shops to do business. The shrine worships the goddess Maryamanne of Hinduism. Every day, many visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours come to worship at this temple that folk called “Ba Den Pagoda”, especially, on Fridays.

There are many different stories about the Goddess, but in general, this is the Goddess of Rain. The goddess is sometimes painted with a red face, sometimes only a sharp granite as the blade. Many people are still praying for health, including avoiding smallpox and measles.

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Goddess is also the god of the bumper, fertility as in the traditional belief. People come here with the prayer for everything as you wish it to be, in which, there are wish for childbirth, and for love. The goddess is worshiped in places other beside India, most notably Singapore. In Vietnam, there is a shrine in District I, Ho Chi Minh City.

In District I, Ho Chi Minh City, not far from Ben Thanh Market on Truong Dinh Street, perpendicular to Le Thanh Ton Street, there is an Indian temple. The people here call this Indian Goddess, it is the temple god Mariammam.

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