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Muong Long – New Land In Nghe An For Backpackers

Coming to Muong Long, you will admire the scenic wild nature of high mountains, virtual beauty like the fairyland, immerse yourselves in dreaming and fanciful space, and enjoy the magic moment which is hard to describe. Muong Long bring gentle beauty as a fairy girl, lovely and charming! So, right from the “first sight”, many travelers are captivated by the beauty of Muong Long and remember this land forever.

Muong Long - New Land In Nghe An For Backpackers

Conquer Muong Long

Muong Long is a mountainous commune located in a valley on the top of a mountain with an elevation of 1485 m above sea level in the Truong Son mountain range, Ky Son district, Nghe An province. Visitors on Vietnam package Tours can go from Muong Xen town and go along the small pass, conquer the winding road 50 km long to go to Muong Long.

Rustic beauty

Somewhere along the way to Muong Long, you will see the women who are carrying ginger baskets or children who with the grass bundle to return their villages, or the young man carrying the corn bags, both going and talking excitedly on the road.

Coming to Muong Long, you will set foot in a world different from the world of the modern, dynamic and crowded city. This place will welcome you with landscapes of natural landscapes with the cool climate characteristic of the highland and the friendly and gentle people.

The charm at every moment

If the spring days, this land put on the pure white dress of the beautiful plum blossoms, the summer is the time when Muong Long is brilliant with the light yellow or forceful with the sudden showers. Then when it comes to the autumn, this place became clear and poetic! On the cold winter days, the thick fog and white clouds bobbing covering all the village.

Muong Long is beautiful with pure soft white clouds floating around the majestic mountains. When coming here, you feel like standing in heaven. Whenever you look at the majestic mountains hidden in the midst of the clouds as the white foam cream, you will be captivated to look without bored.

At dawn, the clouds suddenly bright sparkling because of the sunshine make so many people surprised. In the midst of the sunset, travelers on Tours in Vietnam are interested in “hunting” for the unique, magical photos of rosy clouds like sweet cotton candy.

Muong Long also has a green, untouched and mysterious forest, is an exciting and adventurous place, waiting for visitors of Travel Companies in Vietnam to explore and experience. It seems that Muong Long is also covered with green colors filled with vitality.

In the plum blossom season or the peach and plum harvesting season, Muong Long will be highlighted the new color highlights. It is pure white, pink sweet or unique purple. In addition, this land also has the green of tuyet san tea, zucchini, the orange color of pumpkin, and other precious medicinal products with high value.

On festive days, Muong Long becomes more bustling with traditional activities. Cow fighting, pao throwing or taking part in colorful brocade fair will not only help you to join in the nostalgic atmosphere of festival days in Muong Long but also create conditions for you to discover and learn about the typical features of local ethnic minorities. Besides, you can also enjoy specialties with many special flavors of high mountain forests along with the cups of fragrant passionate rice liquor.

Muong Long brings you completely new life compared to the Plains. And that also makes Muong Long easy to attract people, including nature and people. The majestic scenery, poetic, the warm and friendly people with simple and rustic lifestyle also makes you give special love for the land of Muong Long in Nghe An.

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