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Mystic beauty of Muong Hoa Valley

The tourists come to Sapa Vietnam not only for the mountains shrouded in mist but also for valleys coated with the flowery blouses. One of the most beautiful in Sapa is Muong Hoa Valley where the prettiness and mystery converge.

Mystic beauty of Muong Hoa Valley - Journey Vietnam

Muong Hoa Valley is about 8km in the southeast of Sapa town. To come to the valley, the tourist have to travel through a pass. The road to Muong Hoa Valley curves around the mountain and quite dangerous, the award for people who overcome it is at the end of the road.

Place of the most wonderful terraced field

Terraced fields have been considered the symbol of tourism in Sapa which any tourists of Sapa Vietnam Tours want to contemplate. People in Sapa mainly cultivate rice on these terraced fields; however the most graceful and vastest terraced fields are in Muong Hoa Valley.

Muong Hoa Valley looks like a dainty girl in different dresses throughout the year. In summer, the valley is painted green by the fields of growing rice. The green color covers the whole valley and gives people the refreshment when visiting this place in the hottest season of the year. In autumn, Muong Hoa Valley changes “her” green blouse into the dress of golden ripe rice. The glory of “her” best clothes is embellished with colorful forest blossoms. Especially, the gorgeous red rose garden will surely lure your steps.

Flower Stream calms your mind

The stream is 15km long, flows through Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao commune and gets to the end at Ban Ho commune.

People come to Muong Hoa Valley to feel the cool flow of this stream pass through the fingers and toes in burning summer. While the waterfalls and rivers in Sapa is often fierce and noisy because they start to flow form the high points, Flower Stream bring the tourist of Sapa trekking tour the feeling of relaxing. The sound of the stream running through the small stone is like the gentle music of the forest. The mirror-like surface reflects the scenery and sparkles in the sunshine.

The stream is a lovely girl raising her voice naturally among the majesty of the forest. Mountains here are embracing a girly lady.

Ancient stone field awakens tourists’ curiosity

The stone field contains at least 159 blocks of stone with the length of 4km and the width of 2km. The stone field in Muong Hoa Valley attracts many tourists to Sapa to have a look in person.

The tourists come here try to decode the symbols and patterns engraved on the stone. On the large blocks, the images of humans were carved with many different positions such as stretching arms, holding hand… On the other blocks of stone, people found the signs and character which was consider the letters of the ancient residents here. Besides the tourists, the scientists from many countries in the world also come here to decipher the cryptic message of the strange drawings that the ancient people here wanted to convey.

The stones here also hold in it the spiritual values. It is believed that the carvings on stones were the message of the ancestor to the descendants. Because they cannot be deciphered exactly in term of meaning, the holy stones here still deliver the tourists coming to Muong Hoa Valley the interest and arouse their curiosity.

People who have one day in Sapa may wish they could stay in Sapa 2 Days 3 Nights or have a tour in Sapa 3 Days 4 Nights because the fascinating beauty here seems to urge them not to stop discovering.

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