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Pac Ta Mountain

Na Hang Ecotourism (Tuyen Quang) is a place where there are many beautiful poetic scenes and enthralling fairy tales. Mount Pac Ta as the shape of an elephant next to the high bottle gourd in the heart of the vast hydroelectric lake is an ancient legend mark that attracts many tourists of Travel Companies in Vietnam.

Pac Ta Mountain

The legend of Pac Ta Mountain

Legend has it the place was a forest full of rare animals, including hundreds of elephants living in herds. Elephants are big and strong, so the people in their local area domesticated them for the traction and transportation.

In that time, the land of Na Hang was invaded, the people in the area had concentrated all their forces for the battle, including the elephants. However, in the herd of elephant, a male elephant is very aggressive, no one can domesticate it, many good generals must also give up. An elephant caretaker volunteered to do this.

On the first day, he blocked out all the streams around the elephant, a few days after, the elephant without drinking water was thirsty, he poured wine into the stone niches for elephants to drink instead of water. Five days, ten days, elephant gradually became familiar with alcohol and the caretaker.

He set the elephant saddle on it’s back and controlled it. Since then, the villagers named it as “wine elephant”. On the day of the battle, the “wine elephant” bravely took the lead in the battle, killing the enemy.

Winning the battle, the elephant was awarded as elephant lord and, and the king organized a party. The elephant drunk so much wine, that it died next to the wine bottle gourd. Oddly, the elephant died but still stood majestically as in the battle. At night, it was stormy with lightning thunder and strong wind as the grief of the people for the death of “wine elephant.” In the morning, everyone was surprised when seeing the elephants and alcohols petrified as Pac Ta mountain now.

The beauty of Pac Ta Mountain – The Best destination in Vietnam

Pac Ta (in the Tay language meaning “breast of heaven”), also known as Elephant Mountain, is the highest mountain in Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province, shaped like an elephant standing next to wine bottle gourd. Gorgeous, majestic, hidden in the clouds in the lake of Tuyen Quang hydropower, Pac Ta is a source of inspiration for writers, poets, painters, and photographers.

At the foot of Pac Ta Mountain, there is a sacred temple built from the Tran dynasty, making Pac Ta mountain more mysterious, so-called “Ta Mountain legend”.

Pac Ta Temple is located at a high flat elevation, at the foot of Pac Ta Mountain. The temple turned south, looks to the River Gam according to feng shui theory. The combination of natural scenery with the human life of the mountain region creates a beautiful landscape.

Today, Mount Pac Ta is an attractive tourist destination for visitors on Tours in Vietnam. Travelers on Vietnam package Tours can go by boat on the lake to visit hydropower projects, come to the temple and offer incense, prayer or experience ecotourism for many days in the forest. born. Many poets and writers came here with emotion and wrote a new name for Pac Ta Mountain: “Breast milk”.

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