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Sapa Love Market – Ethnic Couples’ Dating Place

Coming to Sapa Vietnam, besides the scenic and primitive beauty of this mountainous site, the tourists also want to know more about the life of Sapa people. Markets in Sapa are the place where the cultural lifeooff local people occur more lively. In which, love market is the place that lure the steps of tourists in Sapa.

Sapa Love Market – Ethnic Couples’ Dating Place - Journey Vietnam

Brief introduction of love market

The diversity in culture of Vietnam has contributed by the cultural life of 54 ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has their own character and color. However, when people gather these colors together in the mountainous market, they are harmonious in the perfect way.

If you have ever been fascinated by the markets in Sapa such as Bac Ha Market, Sapa Market or Muong Hum Market, love market in Sapa will excite you more with the curiosity.

Love market often takes place every Saturday night with interesting activities. In love market, The young men and women from villages in the Northwest come to date and sharing their affections through the songs of confession or activities like tug of war. After the night of love market, the love of many couples get deeper and deeper, they even became the life partners.

You can stay in Sapa 2 Days 3 Nights to enjoy the romantic atmosphere in love market.

Things to exchange in Sapa love market

Love market in the thought of people coming from other places is related to sentiments and marriage. It is called market, but people do not sell anything at this market. And affections are not the thing for purchasing. Love market in Sapa is simply a place for young boys and girls to exchange their love. They give and receive love in the place where the cultural life of different highland ethnic groups interfere and join. In love market, the distinction between locals’ traditions seem to be forgotten to give place for the sincere sentiment.

Tourists of Sapa package tour hardly miss this unique destination. Sapa is the best destination in Vietnam, a small monsoon tropical country, but has the characteristic of temperate climate thanks to the terrace and geographic position. The weather here is cool all year round. Past few years, there was snow in winter, so Sapa has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. Such that climate and weather are favorable for the occurrence of love market in Sapa.

Sapa love market often takes place in a large yard by Sapa stone cathedral. This is the Dao’s market.

In early evening, people can see the women prepare to join love market in flowers embroidered costumes with red scarf on their head. They look more beautiful with the silver jewels, the silver buttons and small coins on the dress. Especially, the bronze rattles on the head scarf tinkle merrily after each step of the young women. Their partners are the Dao men in the costume with indigo color.

In the past and even today, people here confess their love through the sound of flute or their tradition wind instrument (also known as khen). Nowadays, the young men use the cassette player to record the songs in their ethnic language sang by the young women. The young ladies are shy when the strangers come too close, but they still keep singing with a smaller voice.

When the dark night comes, in the sound of the leaf flutes, the young fellow confess his feeling to the girl he likes. The boy whose confession is refused usually holds the girl hand to show his deep and faithful feeling instead of giving up. If she accept the love confession, he will give her the keepsake like a ring, a bracelet or a comb. The girl friends of that girl will let the young couple have their private moment.

Love market also gives those who could not become spouses and live together a chance to meet each other and talk about their current life as the old friends. Love market for that reason is also meaningful.

Love market in Sapa is not the same as it was before, but it is romantic enough to make the visitor fall in love.

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