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Swimming Pool In The Middle Of The Mountain

Have you ever tried to immerse yourself in the cool waters of a swimming pool in the middle of the mountain,  admire the nature covering all, and the far away is the deep blue ocean with waves whispering? This Imagine seem to be only in the imagination, but no, if you once take a trip to Vung Tau, set foot in the Resort Léman Cap, travelers on Vietnam package Tours will be surprised by the unique design swimming pool in this place. People will associate it with an infinity pool when all space has no stops, and more specifically, it is hidden among the vastness of plants, such as decorating with poetic charm for the blue space.

Swimming Pool In The Middle Of The Mountain

The swimming pool – the highlight in the design of Léman Cap Resort

Referring to the Léman Cap Resort, visitors from Sai Gon City Tour think of the paradise on earth. Léman Cap is located on the slope of Nho (Small) Mountain, which is considered to be the most beautiful position on Dau beach. It seems that this is one of the greatest advantages of this resort, that makes the talented designers suddenly thought of building a blue swimming pool on the mountain slope, hidden in the green of plants, but it is the ideal location to see the whole Vung Tau beach hidden at the foot of the mountain.

If you travel to Vung Tau, you will meet in Léman Cap architectural interference between the two cultures of Vietnam and France from the 40s – 50s. Therefore, the resort is bearing the West-East. It is not difficult to find ancient villas with large balconies and open space hidden under the big trees. Then, along with the path full of mystery, among the cool shadow of the trees, people have to be surprised when in front of the ocean them is the vast sea singing day and night.

Two worlds are in a small space. A mysterious world with wild nature, with rich fauna and flora, and the other is dreaming with the vast blue of the sea, the cerulean blue color of the sky, and the white sand glistening in the bright yellow sunshine.

It is interesting when there is a peaceful resort nestled on a sloping mountain, where one is lost in a different world, the modern comforts are mixed in a very ancient space, full of dreams. This is where people search for different flavors among the daily life. It is the place to have all the peaceful feelings, just to be in harmony with nature and beautiful sea in Vung Tau trip to escape from busy life.

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But perhaps the most fascinating thing of Léman Cap is the swimming pool halfway up the mountain. It is a highlight of the resort’s architecture which creates a novel artwork, making many people hope to experience once in their life.

The swimming pool is hidden on the mountain

After a leisurely stroll on the sandy shore and playing with the blue ocean, tourists of Vietnam Travel Agent can back to the swimming pool lurking on the slopes, soaking in fresh water, and enjoying a full frame of Vung Tau sea. They said that it is a unique place to watch the whole panorama of Vung Tau sea.

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Many people find that the sunrise and sunset on the Vung Tau beach is even more beautiful if you admire from the swimming pool. In the fanciful sunshine, it seems that from the side of the mountain, the sun is bigger and brighter. The sun shines brightly on the water of the pool and spreads to the sea, following each wave of waves. Sunshine is mixed with grass, sunshine brings a mysterious color to blue water, white clouds, sunshine washes all the anxieties in the soul, creating a beautiful picture, that you cannot stop admiring it.

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