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Tan Dinh Church – Attractive Pink Church In Sai Gon

Located in the heart of Saigon, the pink church easily attracts the attention of tourists on Tours in Vietnam thanks to its ancient architecture and a modern and lovely coloring.

Tan Dinh Church – Attractive Pink Church In Sai Gon

Overview of Tan Dinh Church

Tan Dinh Church in Sai Gon also known as the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a place that recently attracted domestic and international tourists to visit. What attracts visitors when coming here is the cute pink colors, prominent in the heart of Saigon.

Located at 289, Hai Ba Trung street, Ward 8, District 3, The church is on the bustling streets, so visitors easily move by all means to go here. You can come here by motorbikes, cars, taxis or buses. From District 2, District 4 or District 1, District 7, visitors can easily reach here for about 20 minutes – 30 minutes. Going by bus is also very convenient because you just catch the bus number 63, you can easily reach here.

A brief history of Tan Dinh parish

Tan Dinh church was built in 1870. This is almost the oldest church in the city. Until 1929, the church was expanded and a 52.60m high bell tower was repainted. Classic Roma style with unique architecture is covered with fresh pink color, creating a charming beauty in the sunshine Saigon.

Visit the Tan Dinh church

Tan Dinh church is made of Italian marble. From the outside, visitors on Vietnam package Tours will see the main tower and two sub-towers with two row of corridors with tilefish scales roofs interspersed with intricately decorated flowers and angelic figures on rounded windows. The highlight is a Cross 3m high made of copper at the top of the tower, symbolizing the Christian. Two sides of the sub-towers have many lampposts with many decorative vents that look graceful.

Going deep inside the Church, visitors will be overwhelmed by the ancient architecture with two rows of Gothics columns leading to the main altar. Most of the altars in the Cathedral are made of gemstones from Italy. If you look carefully, you will notice that the row of columns on the left is the statues of the holy ladies, the columns on the right are the statues of the holy men. Inside the tower, there are 5 bells weighing about 5.5 tons creating unique sophisticated architectural carvings, making visitors on Sai Gon City Tour feel that they are straying into the romantic classical Italian city. It is interesting feeling that everyone would like to experience one time.

It is a cultural value architecture, but it is also a place to organize charitable activities as well as a destination for the religious people to worship here, pray for luck and peace or listen to lectures at the Church. Visitors will feel that they are sitting in a church in Europe with large classic space.

Sightseeing the architecture of Tan Dinh, listening to the bells of the cathedral, watching the sunset with the clouds drifting away, visitors can easily enjoy the rare peaceful moments in the heart of the noisy and busy city.

Over 141 years, the church is still located on the bustling streets, creating a unique place in the city center.

All feature, from color to the architecture of Tan Dinh church have infatuated tourists as well as the youth when coming here. If you have chosen Tan Dinh as a destination, come to Saigon and enjoy.

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