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Tay Thien – A Sacred Land

Tay Thien, Vinh Phuc has long been regarded as one of the spiritual lands with the harmonious and tranquil scene. Every year there are many people who sincerely respect the Buddha and pilgrims come here to pray for peace for themselves and their families. It is the best destination in Vietnam for people who would like to find the quietness for themselves.

Tay Thien – A Sacred Land - Journey Vietnam

The name of “Tay Thien”

The name “Tay Thien” refers to India – where Shakyamuni Buddha founded Buddhism. In addition, Tay Thien also means the Western Pure Land, the land of liberation from the cycle of death.

The best time to visit Tay Thien

Tay Thien, Vinh Phuc is more than 80km away from Hanoi, so it is great to take the Vietnam package Tours on the weekends. You can go to the Tay Thien any when, because Tay Thien in each season has different interesting things.

Tay Thien – A Sacred Land - Journey Vietnam

In the summer, visiting Tay Thien will help you purify your soul, get out of the hustle and bustle of the cities.

In the autumn and winter, this place will give you the deep feeling with the mountain falling into the mist and the sound of the bell, chanting Buddhist scriptures in the wind.

However, many people would like to come to Tay Thien in the spring to pray for happiness, fortune, and peace at the beginning of the year. This is the peak tourist season in Tay Thien. Coming here in the spring, you can feel the cold air and incense fragrance mixed with the scent of blooming flowers in the sun rise. In addition, You will admire the exciting spring festival in this holy land – Tay Thien Festival.

Tay Thien – A Sacred Land - Journey Vietnam

Tay Thien Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the North. Tay Thien Festival is held to commemorate Mother of Tay Thien for 3 days 15th, 16th and 17th February of the lunar year. In this Festival, there are many interesting activities such as making Chung cake (sticky rice cake), wrestling, singing, rice cooking contest, cock fighting, etc.

The most beautiful destination

Truc Lam An Tam and Truc Lam Tay Thien monastery

In the Tuc Lam An Tam monastery, there is a statue of Buddha with a length of 19 meters. Under the statue, six sceneries created reflect the journey to find the truth of the Buddha.

Truc Lam Tay Thien Monastery built on the foundation of an ancient monastery (Thien An Thien Tu) in the third century. This is one of the earliest places of Buddhism in Vietnam, so this place is considered as the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism.

Thong temple

Thong temple is the first destination for people who visit Tay Thien. In front of the temple gate,  there is a nine-prong tree that lasts for hundreds of years with this sacred land.

Tay Thien Monastery

The scenery here is pristine and quiet. The monastery originally was a small shrine of three young nuns. then they expanded widely according to the Tibetan Tantric tradition.

There are also many other beautiful destinations in Tay Thien. If you search Vietnam Tourist information, you can know more about these places.

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