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The Beauty Of The President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland

Nghe An is the largest province in Vietnam in the North Central region, is far from 291 km south of Hanoi. Located in the central region of the sunny and windy land, Nghe An always attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists with many types of diverse tourism which are capable of meeting all the needs of visitors such as spiritual tourism, vacation resort, exploring natural beauty, sea , forest, etc. It is true that you will regret if you do not visit the home of the great leader of Vietnam in order to a lot of interesting, fabulous things here with 14 Days in Vietnam.

The Beauty Of The President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland - Journey Vietnam

Many beautiful, pristine Beaches

Nghe An has 82 km coastline with many beaches 3alluring foreigners in hot summer like: Cua Lo, Cua Hoi, Dien Thanh, Dien Chau. More interestingly, it is Bai Lu Beach- a wide unspoiled and romantic beach. When coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the perfect combination of the clear blue waters of the sea that are shimmered by natural rocks, and the side of the green pine forest stretching out a big sea. One thing you should know is that Cua Lo is voted to become one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam by travel magazines inside and outside the country.

Historic cultural relics

Besides these above things, the largest province is very advantageous to develop cultural tourism with over one thousand historical and cultural relics, of which nearly 200 historical cultural sites are ranked. For example, home of Ho Chi Minh including grandfather and grandmother homes. Both store also relics, artifacts, many memories attached to the life of President Ho Chi Minh’s childhood and his family members. Another is Truong Bon located on strategic route 15A. it has already become a legendary place in the great national defense of our nation in the 20th century. Besides, there are Kim Lien historical site, Tham Om cave…

The Beauty Of The President Ho Chi Minh’s Homeland - Journey Vietnam

The land of festival

If you participate in Tours in Vietnam that will offer you more good chances to find out the traditional festivals taking place on the waterways such as fishing, boat racing, etc. The festivals that revive historical wonders that are raised into myths, full of humanity are Sen Village, Van Loc, Khai Long. Especially, join the tour, you will have a deep understanding of Tru Son ceramics. While Hoi An ceramics has a sophisticated beauty and often are used as ornaments to the royal, the Tru Son ceramics are just simple, rustic yet so attractive. Come and try one day as a potter in this centennial village. That will become an unforgettable experience in Nghe An.

Have not you seen sunflower fields yet? Specially, there is a unique ecological garden which has the beautiful scenery of the shady garden and the pure white thousands of storks fly. If you want to explore it, right now book Vietnam package Tours which always offer you the best service.

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