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The Mystery About The Villa Of “The Ghost Of Hua Family”

If you take Sai Gon City Tour for your trip, you will have a chance to understand the story of Hua family. In addition to the famous “ghost” villa is now the museum of fine art, Hua Bon Hoa (Mr. Hoa) also has a villa located opposite Long Hai Beach – a picture of a beautiful and majestic architecture! Unfortunately, this is an abandoned building for decades!

The Mystery About The Villa Of “The Ghost Of Hua Family” - Journey Vietnam

Long Hai is a town in Long Dat District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province. Long Hai is known by the poetic beach, which is a wonderful resort for people of Tour in Vietnam and also attracted by the castle of Hua Family with many legends.

Beautiful but abandoned in the heart of the city?

Whoever came to Long Hai, Vung Tau, walked through the Dinh Co also are surprised in front of Palace Villa because of its beauty and ambiguity. The castle occupies an area of over 6.000m2, including 6 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen.

The whole architecture of the castle is designed with many windows, about 100 windows large and small, all facing the sea, at the foot is the white and alternate tigon flowers. With the romantic scenery, it makes people curious about what is happening inside the castle.

The Mystery About The Villa Of “The Ghost Of Hua Family” - Journey Vietnam

According to many people, this is the resort of the Chinese merchant Hui Bon Hoa (Vietnamese name is Hua Bon Hoa, often called Hoa), is the richest merchant in Saigon – Cho Lon hundreds of years ago. Mr. Hoa came from Fujian (recorded in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China), following parents to Vietnam in the 17th century. According to the ups and downs of history, the “Hoa’s castle” is currently deserted, in the fear of the residents here. They said that this is a “haunted castle”.

The story about the villa of “ghost of the Hua Family”

It is said that Mr. Hoa has a beautiful daughter, unfortunately, she had leprosy. That disease is one of four incurable diseases, is a disease can spread so the patient must be isolated from the outside world to wait … the death. Loving her, Hoa arranged her a private room in his luxurious villa, be cared for separately, but not any stranger absolutely knows about this.

Soon after, his daughter died. She was buried in that private room. But one day the body was gone, the family did not find out. From that night rumors that a girl with white hair wandering in the garden, the sound echoes the neighborhood in the middle of the night …

In fact, perhaps the family of the Mr. Hoa secretly buried her daughter in order to avoid the look of people.

The house of Mr. Hoa is a home of a billionaire so the people are not allowed to enter, very … suitable for people to add to the ghost story.

Abandoned Ruins

This magnificent castle is now just a place for the sea breeze to enter. No one can enter because the roads are closed.

Stepping inside, there are still columns of Roman-style architecture, but the walls are broken in places that are temporarily filled with cement. The upper floors, the window without glass overlooking the Long Hai sea. In recollection, in the past, it must have been very poetic, but now it is only lonely.

At one foot of the stairs a red paint – unintentionally or deliberately – evokes the horror of a ghost house. Stepping onto the terrace, a corner of the courtyard, plastered skilfully, made the scene more desolate. In particular, the interior of the castle is no longer stored.

For almost half a century, the castle is now a mansion with mysterious rumors. No one can prove the source, but the rumor has taken this classic bold classical architecture into the wilderness. Nowadays, this villa becomes the best destination in Vietnam for visitors who would like the horror stories.

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