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The Tranquil Beauty Of The Tre Village In Nha Trang

Would you like to leave the urban noise, make your brain and your soul relaxed after stressful working days? Come to Bamboo Village Resort to enjoy the tranquility and fresh air. Highlights at the Bamboo Village Resort are the simple and rustic beauty of Vietnamese countryside, where visitors who go with Tours in Vietnam can immerse themselves in nature after hard days in the city.

The Tranquil Beauty Of The Tre Village In Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

The resort is designed completely space with nature, fruit orchards, the clean vegetable garden next to the romantic dreaming river, especially the rice field where you can see the sunset falls.

Vietnamese traditional cultural design has attracted many tourists to Nha Trang to enjoy and relax.

At present, the resort has the capacity of 600 guests at the same time, surrounded by simple rustic leaf huts with serving of more than 100 food dishes from the regions with a team of specialized enthusiastic staff.

Food at the Tre Village

This is the place where the convergence of dishes from all over the country, with the system of simple restaurants with rustic dishes of river regions, gives you a strange feeling. This is really an amazing place to relax with families and friends.

Especially, this place has the favorable humidity and the simple leaf hut lying along the river with the cool trees that will create a comfortable, romantic and intimate dating.

In addition, it also offers outdoor parties and aromatic barbeque dishes, accompanied by lively music that will leave you with a cheerful evening.

Git leaves and chicken hotpot, snakehead fish spring rolls, grilled pork, snail sausage and so on, all are the rustic food of Tre village, so you will feel the countryside flavor.

Thing to do in Tre Village

At Bamboo Village, there are bungalows that are designed specifically with a view to the river, suitable for family, friends, and visitors. Space is spacious, airy, full of facilities with high-quality service, there are the huts with the view to mountainside and river for you to choose or the houses which are unique and impressive.

Go to Tre village, tourist will not have to worry about the overnight here, this place meets your needs with high-quality.

Modern busy life busy inevitably erodes the life force and belief in each of us. The monotonous lifestyle has tied us to the boring and boring cycle while many things around us have not been fully explored. Please “refresh” yourself to discover and enjoy the little things that contribute to the happy life. Relax – Refresh – Travel when possible to feel better tomorrow. You can search Vietnam Tourist Information to explore more interesting tourist destinations in Nha Trang.

Additionally, there are many interesting activities that you can join in such as sand volleyball, rowing across the river, camping, Kayaking, cycling.

Come to Tre Village and feel the peace so that you see the life more beautiful when you return to the present life. Tre Tourist Village is the best destination in Vietnam that can not be missed in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Tre Village with the idea village with immense rice fields, grass fields, and the river. If you have the opportunity for you go to enjoy the beauty of the tourist village of Tre to explore more interesting things.

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