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The Two Newly – Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang

Speaking of Nha Trang, it is no doubt that all people think of beaches the first. Nha Trang has always been in Best destination in Vietnam for domestic and international tourists. Recently, People have more and more increasingly booked it in Travel Companies in Vietnam as not only the appearance of Diep Son which has a beautifully- unique floating road in the middle of the ocean but also the just new discovery of two spectacular islands here which are Vung Chua and Dao Yen. These islands contain high potential tourism and you certainly crave for visiting them. Now, let’s explore some lovely aspects of these.

 The Two Newly - Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

Dao Yen- The only double beach in Vietnam

Many people call it Hon Noi. In order to go to Dao Yen, you have to come Cau Da Port, Nha Trang then buy a boat ticket to the island.

 The Two Newly - Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

Visitors will surely regret that they can just stay here during the day but you do not want to leave. Because the natural landscape of the island is so fabulous that you seem as if you were living in a fairy world. It is really famous for the double beach- the only beach in Vietnam- a hot side- the cold side which is made of many different streams. Climb the stone steps to the top of Ha Du Mount about 90 m height, you will be caught in the eyes of the striking mountain and sea natural paintings. If you look down from above, you will be able to see the whole extremely beautiful scenery.

 The Two Newly - Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

The island is called as “Dao Yen” because it is the place that birds make a nest numerously. Therefore, Land Hon Noi, you have an opportunity to see the swarm of the bird flying on the top of the head. That is an impressive and unforgettable scenery on the island. Among the giant ocean, Dao Yen emerged like a blue pearl with many majestic rocks.

Vung Chua

Vung Chua is far from “Dao Yen” around 1km, takes over 20 minutes by boat. Vung Chua is a beautiful land, majestic mountains, gentle sea waves.

 The Two Newly - Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

In the future, this will be a very valuable destination, connected with Ngang Pass, Lieu Hanh Cong Lord Temple … to create a spiritual tour full of attraction, not only beautiful scenery but also spirituality. A special thing is that the place is the last resting place of General Vo Nguyen Giap who is the first general of Vietnam. The island catches tourists’ attention by a pristine, peaceful beauty with clear water, white stretching sand, surrounded by the green of the grass.

 The Two Newly - Discovered Islands Of Nha Trang - Journey Vietnam

Selected as a place for the funeral of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vung Chua will become a hot spot for all people having a desire for exploring the dramatic scenery of Vietnam. Vietnam Package Tours is always available to accompany you any places generally, the two hot islands particularly.

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