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Thien Mu Pagoda – The Mystery Of The Love Curse

Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the sacred places of Hue that still retains the majestic beauty, purity and ancient. This is also an attractive destination for thousands of visitors each year.

Thien Mu Pagoda - The Mystery Of The Love Curse - Journey Vietnam

However, Thien Mu Pagoda contains an extremely mysterious story, a curse that is connected to the love. This story has stopped many couples visiting this temple.

The love curse of Thien Mu Pagoda

In the Nguyen Dynasty when the love is still in the arrangement of parents, there is the beautiful daughter of a rich family, fell in love with an orphan and poor boy. Their stealthy love was unstable because of the inhibition of the girl’s family.

Being miserable, the couple went together to the river Huong to suicide, with the idea of being together forever. Ironically, when the boy’s heart stopped beating in the Huong River, the girl, fortunately, was rescued by the local people.

The family found her, forcing her to get married to Mandarin. After a long time, the girl gradually forgot her old lover and continued a new life with her husband.

Waiting for the lover, the soul of the boy, with the enmity, went to the Thien Mu pagoda in front of the Huong River, vowed to break the love of all couples who visit the temple.

Therefore, it is said that if the lonely people come here to pray sincerely, they will meet their love, but if the couples come here, their love will be broken.

Still an attractive destination

In spite of the curse in Thien Mu Pagoda, but with the charming landscape, visitors it is very difficult to resist coming here.

Located on the left bank of the Huong River, on the romantic Ha Khe hill, Thien Mu pagoda is covered with the trees in four seasons, become the best destination in Vietnam.

Built in 1601, in the time of king Nguyen Hoang, Thien Mu pagoda has been restored many times by incidents, natural disasters. Rebuilt and expanded, nowaday, Thien Mu Pagoda is still solemn and vivid.

From the Huong river to the pagoda, you will immediately see august Phuoc Duyen Tower standing in the middle of the courtyard, in front of the pagoda gate. The octagonal tower was built by King Thieu Tri in 1844, with the height of 21 meters. The tower includes seven floors, each floor has the Buddha statue inside.

Thien Mu Pagoda - The Mystery Of The Love Curse - Journey Vietnam

Behind the Phuoc Duyen Tower is Dai Hung Palace, the main shrine of the pagoda, which is still intact despite many ups and downs of the time. Dai Hung is ancient and magnificent. Around the pagoda is a green garden, which is taken care of every day.

From the temple grounds, you can see the Huong River flowing lightly like a strip of silk. The boats are anchored in the piers. The pine trees of the temperate countries always radiate a fresh green here, their shadow cover the temple courtyard. This is an alluring destination to avoid the messy of cities. Here, there is just peace, purity in the soul.

Besides the Thien Mu Pagoda, there are also many other beautiful places to visit. If you take a Hue City tour or Vietnam package tours, you will have a chance to know more flawless destination in this charming land.

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