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Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass

Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass is one of the best destination in Vietnam. With the beautiful and poetic nature, fresh cool air, this place is really an interesting destination for people who want to relax, relieve stress after tiring working days.

Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass - Journey Vietnam

Overview of Tien Waterfall

Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass belongs to Ngam Lam village, Nam Dan commune, Xin Man district. Tien Waterfall is about 18 km southeast of Thanh Binh District, 120 m away from Highway 178.

Deo Gio mountain is a primeval forest with a total natural area of 3,947 ha. The stream that creates Tien Waterfall is called Ta Tan, which is derived from the limestone mountains of Ta Cu Ty commune (Bac Ha district – Lao Cai). Around the waterfall are thousands of jungles mixed with old trees of hundred years old and a rich vegetation. There are some 500-year-old trees.

The history of the Waterfall name

Tien of the Waterfall means “fairy”. This waterfall brings the fresh beauty of the waterfall like the long silky hair of the fairy. Tien Waterfall is located in the pristine and mysterious forest associated with the legendary love affair between the beautiful Nung girl and the son of the Forest Spirit that you will listen from the guide of Vietnam package Tours.

Tien Waterfall – Gio Pass - Journey Vietnam

In the past, there was a beautiful Nung girl. Her skin was white like bamboo shoots, that making the village boys attracted.

During the taking bamboo shoots, the girl happened to meet the son of Forest Spirit and fell in love. The love between the Forest Spirit’s son and the girl became sweet, her heart was full of love. However, that beautiful love was prevented by the Forest Spirit. Due to the curse of the water, the girl was incarnated into a rocky mountain. The girl’s hair has turned into a soft white waterfall. Also since then, people in the area called it the Tien Waterfall.

There are also many people said that this waterfall was formerly only for the fairies, they often fly here for a cool bath.

Tien Waterfall is also known as Windfall because the wind at the foot of the waterfall is always blowing very strong, making the water fly around the surrounding space, making the visitors feel very comfortable and cool.

The paradise scenery

Pass through the whole road which is sloping high, one side is the cliff, the other is a deep abyss, you will reach the Gio pass. At the top of Gio Pass, visitors will admire terraced fields, with the simple stilts of the Tay, Nung ethnic minority. The scenery is just pristine, mysterious mountains.

Standing on the top of the Gio Pass (Wind Pass), people can see the dim fog covering the road. Clouds wrapped around feet. It seems that the fatigue of a morning also is melted with the white dim clouds.

Because of the waterfall still has kept the mysterious and pristine beauty, every year there are many delegations of tourists they come here to discover. Come here you can immerse yourself down the cool stream of this wonderland. Coming to this fairyland, all anxiety and sadness will dissolve in cool water flow. Come here tourists will feel relaxed and comfortable because they will enjoy the music of the mountains which is the birdsong, the murmur of water …

There are many rare animals such as tigers, leopards, bears, deer, roe deer, chamois, flying squirrels, wild pigs, civets, wild chickens and countless birds such as greetings, cut, swallows, swallows, swallows and so on. That is what creates a diverse ecological environment for the area and contributes to the landscape here both pristine and romantic. Therefore, it will be wonderful if you take Tour in Vietnam to enjoy the happy moments with friends.

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