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T’nưng Lake – Emerald Lake On The Mouth Of Pleiku Volcano

On the canoe, listening to the mystery of Lake T’nưng will be a lyrical and romantic experience. The lake satisfies tourists on Vietnam Small Group Tours with gentle and pure beauty.

T'nưng Lake - Emerald Lake On The Mouth Of Pleiku Volcano

Overview of T’nưng Lake

T’Nung Lake, also known as Sea Lake, is a freshwater lake in the North West, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province. Located about 7 km from the city center along Highway 14, on flat terrain plateau about 800 meters above sea level.

Lake T’Nưng is a volcanic crater that has been inactive for millions of years, with an area of 240ha and an average depth of 16-19m.

T’nưng Lake captivates people by the dreamy beauty, the immense water, the romantic clouds, surrounded by the cool green pine forests, the colorful flowers blooming around the lake. Many people also call the Lake a jade in the middle of the Central Highlands, the “tearful eyes” of Pleiku Mountain, and a place bringing endless creative inspiration for artists.

Legend of T’nưng Lake

Like other places in the Central Highlands, Lake T’Nưng is also associated with a legend with a bad ending, which you will know in Vietnam Tourist Information.

Legend has it that at that time, this place was home to a prosperous tribe. All the villagers live happily with the gongs, the drums screaming throughout the mountains.

Sudden in a year, It had drought causing cattle died in mass. The villagers said that this is a bad omen, Giàng (God) became angry and no longer protected the village. They went to the forest to hunt deer and offer to Giang. Thinking that Giang calmed down, the whole villagers continued to sing and dance. Suddenly, the sky became dark, the ground shook. The whole village collapsed into a deep hole and the water flooded all, no one survived. Only the couple Mac May was not at the village.

When they returned, they only saw a large lake, went to announce with neighboring villages. Gia Rai people later still remember Lake T’Nung with the sad legend.

The charming beauty

The road to Lake T’Nung is very romantic. The two sides of the winding road are green pine forests. Visitors not only feel the smell of the wind, the lake but also enjoy the sweet fragrance of pine resin.

Passing the high slope, Lake T’Nung appeared before your eyes as a miracle. The vast blue sky is full of your eyes. The water is clear and blue, reflecting the sky and shining in the sunlight.

T’Nung beautiful, indeed very beautiful,  in every moment. Early in the morning, the red sun rises after the trees, dyeing the lake into the red.

The scenery in Lake T’Nung is clearly visible in the eyes of visitors on Tours in Vietnam is a vast blue. Blue sky, blue clouds, blue water.

People call Lake T’Nung “Sea Lake” because of the vast lake. When the wind blows, the lake ripples the waves as strong as the sea.

Around the lake, many colorful flowers bloom. Every spring, daisy flowers create yellow carpet on the edge of the forest. E Pang flowers are green, covering scenery from the edge of the lake to the gentle slope. The red rice flowers blaze in the deep blue sky. These are the purple mua flowers, yellow ngai flowers, red don flowers, etc.

The bushes of reeds near T’nưng Lake are also home for many colorful and beautiful birds and freshwater fish such as carps, anchovies, tilapia, seahorses, turtle, eel, etc.

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