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Travel In A Totally New Way

Are you sick and tired of crowded tourist attractions or life too much modern? Are you looking for another direction for your upcoming travel? Vietnam package Tours always available is to offer you a whole new type of travel which definitely satisfies you. Traveling to the countryside is an open door. That will make you totally escape from a hustling life and live like an authentic farmer. As far as I know, Ca Mau contains potentiality for this kind of travel. We now will demonstrate the itinerary detail for you in order to have a deep understanding.

Travel In A Totally New Way - Journey Vietnam

Why has Ca Mau already become an ideal place to suit this kind of Travel?

Ca Mau is the land where the south of Vietnam ends, with the beautiful features of Me Kong Delta’s typical water garden, you are able to go through in the canals of mangrove forests, or enjoy the fresh atmosphere of U Minh Ha forest. It is an appropriate destination to escape from the cold chill of the North or the boiling hot of the South and it is the only place on the shore of our country that can catch the sunrise on East Sea and diving in the West Sea. Therefore, it is considered as the different world separating from the modern life.

Travel In A Totally New Way - Journey Vietnam

Live like an authentic farmer

Coming here, apart from admiring the landscape of the country like giant rice fields, cucumbers and gourds growing next to fish ponds, etc, you can penetrate the life of the farmer actively. It will be an interesting experience for those born and raised in the city, especially for the foreigners coming from the developed country like American, German, Korean,… you have a feeling that you were coming back time.

Travel In A Totally New Way - Journey Vietnam

The man will take part in activities like plow field, fishing… the woman can grow vegetable, transplant rice. For children, they may catch ducks, swim. More importantly, instead of playing games on the internet, they can play a lot of traditional games such as: skipping- rope, hide and sick,…You can come with your family to pick vegetable. This is a right moment for you to teach your children the value of the life.

Travel In A Totally New Way - Journey Vietnam

You can find out more about exciting entertainments here by dropping Vietnam Tourist Information Spending 2- 3 days to live like that is so fantastic.

Food, weather, festivals

Each season, Ca Mau brings a different beauty for you to explore and learn. But if you come in from July to August in a lunar month, you will enjoy the delicious taste of the three aspects of Rach Gia. Note the rainy season in Ca Mau from May to November, but the month with the most rainfall is from August to October. If you arrive in February, there is Nghinh Ong Festival.

Travel In A Totally New Way - Journey Vietnam

In the modernization and globalization, when technology has penetrated into every corner of human life, this kind of travel has increasingly attracted domestic and foreigner tourists, so let 14 Days in Vietnam company with you to make your trip more meaningful.


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