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Why Should You Travel To Hoi An?

Hoi An – a peaceful old town

Hoi An is a city very different from other cities in Vietnam. It is a peaceful city, where settling time makes visitors feel like returning to their childhood. This place is suitable for newly weds or to find the moment to really relax in life.

Why Should You Travel To Hoi An - Journey Vietnam

Hoi An was voted one of the ten most attractive tourist cities in Asia (voted by Smart Travel Asia Magazine). In the Old Town, you will be able to walk comfortably on the roadway without having to worry about traffic safety. Hoi An at night more and more charming by the light glow from the lanterns. You will enjoy this space by stepping into the old space hundreds of years ago in the “present”.

Natural beauty combined with favorable location

It is a beautiful beach with the pristine white sand beach. You can walk through the white sands of the beach in a very fresh and gentle air, feeling relaxed, comfortable for visitors. The beach is also famous for its fresh seafood. With its own features, Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An has left the heart of visitors an unforgettable feeling when leaving here.

Why Should You Travel To Hoi An - Journey Vietnam

Hoi An is located between two world cultural heritages: Hue Citadel, My Son Sanctuary. From Hoi An, you can easily go to the heritage sites. From Hoi An you can join the Hue city tour for the 1-day trip to discover the cultural land really famous in Vietnam.

Traditional special culture and festival

Hoi An retains the ancient culture formed by the mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese, French, and Japanese. The people here are very hospitable, wherever you go, they are met with very friendly eyes, the very smile of the people in the hosts welcome guests. They welcome guests, invite customers to buy souvenirs very polite and courtesy. There is absolutely no picture of rowing, begging or clinging to tourists.

Why Should You Travel To Hoi An - Journey Vietnam

Hoi An is famous for being the festival city, which was ranked 5th in the “The best festival city in Asia” category by Smart Travel Asia magazine. Hoi An has selected 22 festivals out of nearly 100 festivals in the city to build annual festivals. These are festivals that have the potential to appeal to the general public, including traditional folk festivals, religious festivals, contemporary festivals, and so on. Festival of death anniversary of the tailoring; Festival of coastal sports culture, the celebration of Luc Tanh family, etc.

Fast and special garment service

Fast service garment in Hoi An has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Time Magazine of the United States has rated apparel in Hoi An ancient city as one of the fastest and cheapest services in the world. Customers are on the other side of the hemisphere, just by browsing through the website, sending e-mails to any brand will have a nice suit. This service attracts visitors from the time the customer orders to complete a suit or dress shirt in 3-4 hours. Visitors can leave their home address, the owner will bring the goods to deliver.

Why Should You Travel To Hoi An - Journey Vietnam

Exciting activities and attractive culinary style

Hoi An has a lot of activities to explore. Hoi An has many exciting activities, most of which emphasize the beauty of Hoi An culture. You can join the eco tour in Hoi An such as “One Day at Tra Que Vegetable Farmers, One Day at Fisherman’s Village” to return to nature and experience the everyday life of the people here.

Why Should You Travel To Hoi An - Journey Vietnam

Hoi An cuisine has attracted domestic and foreign tourists. Cao Lau, Quang noodles, dumplings, chicken rice, beat cake, corn, mussel are the items you need to try before leaving Hoi An.

To discover Hoi An in the full and meaningful way then you can go to any Vietnam package Tours to be able to find a tour suitable for your needs. Each passing moment has a very different Hoi An awaiting you to explore!

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