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Wind Farm Beautiful As Europe In Bac Lieu

The romantic wind farm among the blue sky is becoming the familiar “check-in” place of young people who take tour in Vietnam package Tours when they stop in Bac Lieu.

Wind Farm Beautiful As Europe In Bac Lieu - Journey Vietnam

Overview of wind farm

The wind farm in the hamlet of Dong A hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong commune of Bac Lieu is the largest wind farm in Vietnam. Although it is about 20km from the center of Bac Lieu city, from a distance, we can see the white wind turbines spinning evenly as the giant pinwheels on the blue sky. There are 62 pylons and wind turbines, each has a height of 80 m and a weight of 200 tons, a 4m diameter pylon and 42m long blades that can be folded in bad weather. All the wind turbines are placed on the sea, creating a poetic and beautiful scenery surprising us as if they are in “the country of the windmill” – distant Netherlands. It can be said that the wind farm in Bac Lieu is beautiful and strange, bringing new breath for those who are too familiar with sea tourism. Therefore here you are going to “exposing” the photos that are extremely beautiful.

The journey to explore the wind farm

Saigon is full of bustle and hustle, but you will be bored if you only visit the city in Sai Gon City Tour. However, it is not easy to find a really interesting place near here. Well, do not worry, only after 5 hours, you will admire a virtual life paradise in which young people are extremely interested!

There are many ways you can get there. If anyone takes a little care and would like to enjoy all the beautiful road, they can go there by motorcycles. With just a Google Maps and following the instructions, you can reach this destination. If you want to save energy and time then you should take passenger car. Car prices in Bac Lieu of large firms … ranged from 190 to 210 thousand dongs.

After reaching the center of Bac Lieu, you will have to go about 20 km to reach this beautiful wind farm. It is known that this farm has a total of 62 turbines, each turbine is approximately 80m high. And you know the most interesting, is that these turbines are so big that even if you stand tens of kilometers away, you can still see the wind turbines.

The destination making the famousness of Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu is one of the most famous provinces in the Mekong Delta with countless natural scenic attractions and typical culture. Bac Lieu has become a tourist destination that many visitors of Tours in Vietnam know and love. In Bac Lieu, one of the check-in places that have the same scenery as the West, which is the wind farm.

With its windy climate characteristics and the right terrain, this place has become a suitable place to build and develop a wind farm. The primary goal of the farm is to create energy for the life of people. However, because of the great natural scenery, this place also has become a popular tourist destination for young people.

If you have a chance to come to Bac Lieu, do not forget to visit the beautiful wind farm and take the shimmering picture. The wind turbines straight along the peaceful scene will definitely give you the best feeling when traveling here.

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