Hanoi handicraft village 1 day trip – Daily Departure

  • Destinations: Hanoi Bat Trang Dong Ho Dong Ky Hanoi
  • Duration: 1 Day - Group tour
  • Departure: From Hanoi Old Quarter
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Hanoi and its vicinity has may handicraft villages that you can come to visit and discover such as Van Phuc Silk village, Bat Trang Ceramic village, Dong Ky Wood carving village, Chuong Conical Hat village , Dong Ho painting village, and so on. Each village specializes in a wide of crafts representing for that village. The trip leads you to three famous ones: Bat Trang, Dong Ho, and Dong Ky. They are the best options if you are in love with crafts, local arts, and daily lifestyle as well as search for ideal gifts or souvenirs. You will be amazed by skills of craftsmen when coming here. It would be an unforgettable experience in your time staying in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi

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Day 1 Hanoi – Bat Trang - Dong Ho – Dong Ky – Hanoi

08:00 AM: Our car and tour guide come to pick you up at your hotel. It takes you about 30 minutes to go along the Red River to reach Bat Trang, a famous pottery village.

You will walk around the village, visit families that have the workshops of making the pottery, and observe how the villagers find the mud, how to make the potteries and draw on them.

You also can do pottery for yourself as souvenir for your friends or keep as a memory of Vietnam.

09:30: You will visit the pottery market beside the river where you can see numerous kinds of pottery products in many beautiful colors.

11:00: Car takes you throughout the rice fields to get to Dong Ho painting village. Here, you will find the special paints made by the artisans.

You will know about the way they make papers, the way they paint and also talk with the old painters.

12:00: It is time for you to have lunch in the restaurant.

13:30: Your journey will be continued with visiting Dong Ky Carpentry village.

This is the most famous carpentry village in Vietnam. Artisans make many beautiful products with carving nice pictures on them. You can buy some small products for souvenirs here.


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8.991935483871 Based on 124 reviews

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  1. Janine C

    “When joining this tour, we found that this tour was very interesting, just like all the other reviewers we saw! A day of this tour, we saw many beautiful things, enjoyed ethically sound practice, chose and saw many high quality items at very reasonable prices.”

  2. Princess Bella

    has some words after participating in this tour: “When visiting this village, we had time to many traditional artisans making and selling their handmade items, specially, their prices were very competitive. We saw many beautiful items from silk scarves through to clothes, handbags, home wares and trinkets and you can be assured about their quality. My boyfriend was a strict guy who rarely saw or bought some things like handicrafts, however, in this tour, he enjoyed looking at the products and found a few things to purchase as gifts. We also enjoyed some local dishes here, very delicious.”

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Bat Trang Ceramic Village:

  • Bat Trang is an old ceramic village located in Gia Lam district of Hanoi city, about 13 km from central Hanoi. It is famous for Bat Trang Porcelain, a unique style of ceramics made from clay in rich clay areas of Bat Trang village. During the centuries, Bat Trang pottery products have travelled in European trading ships to all parts of the world. When coming here, you can take some beautiful pictures about a daily life in traditional village, do pottery, or buy many kinds of souvenirs.

Places for photographing:

  • One of the interesting things of Bat Trang is the path leading to the ancient village. Cross Chuong Duong Bridge and pass the dyke along Red River, you can take some photos for your journey.
  • From the Chuong Duong Bridge, you can see a part of Ceramic way, the longest painting glue pottery in the world, also one of the projects in honor of the Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi.

 Things to do:

  • With your skillful hands, you can make beautiful pottery by yourself thanks to useful guide’s help.
  • Alternatively, you can choose from available ones and paint it. It sounds easier but still interesting and needs a lot of energy and concentration.

 Things to buy:

  • You can freely buy souvenirs at Bat Trang market, in which many products from luxury bowls, plates, painting to vase, and accessories are sold. The most interesting thing is that all of them are made from clay of Bat Trang area.

Dong Ho Painting Village:

  • Dong Ho painting village, located in Bac Ninh province about 35 kilometers away from central Hanoi is famous for producing folk paintings.
  • In the past, Dong Ho paintings were sold mainly in Vietnamese lunar New Year. People bought them to hang on the wall until the end of the year and replaced by a new ones. Annually, market which only sell paintings are only opened on 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, and 26th of the twelfth month of the lunar year.
  • Tourists from all over the world flock to Song Ho to buy paintings in a rush. Thousands of paintings are neatly arranged to sell for traders, or families to hang o the wall with belief that a lot of money and happiness will come to their homes. Moreover, painting market is also place for those who interested in art come to visit, gather and discuss.
  • Visiting Dong Ho, visitors will know more about the way locals produce special paper, colors and the way to finish surprising paintings.

Dong Ky Village:

  • Dong Ky is one of the traditional villages of Bac Ninh province, located about 20 kilometers northeast from the center of Hanoi.
  • In Dong Ky, many kinds of art objects used in daily life, work, decoration, and worship are produced and sold for Vietnamese people and even foreign countries. In the Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi, with the finish of “Chieu Doi Do”, Dong Ky citizens were very proud of their craftsmen because they have largely contributed to its completion.
  • Traveling to Dong Ky, you will have chance to observe artisans using their skillful hands to create amazing products and buy some small wood objects to give for your friends as gifts from Vietnam.

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