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Hue Citadel – Intact Imperial Palace In Vietnam

The ancient, contemplative and tranquil Royal Palace or sweet lyrics on the Perfume River has created a romantic scenery of Hue that attracts any tourists.

The visitors of Hue City Tour mostly visit the Hue Citadel,  open the book about 13 kings, 9 lords of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hue Citadel, the capital of the Nguyen dynasty for 140 years, is the most intact palace in Vietnam and also the best destination in Vietnam. High value in many respects, this ancient citadel is one of the monuments belonging to the complex of Hue ancient relics recognized by Unesco as World Cultural Heritage.

Hue Citadel - Intact Imperial Palace In Vietnam - Journey Vietnam

The ancient city of Hue attracts many tourists with nine unique heritages.

Intact imperial palace in Vietnam

If the ancient capital of Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh), Co Loa, Thang Long (Hanoi), the former capital of Vietnam, now becomes a ruin, Hue Citadel is still preserved intact. With palaces, strongholds, temples, mausoleums, pagodas and many gardens of a few hundred years old…, Hue ancient capital brings peace and tranquility.

Visitors to Hue will admire the art masterpieces of the golden palace, magnificent temples, majestic mausoleums, contemplative attractions.

Besides, Hue is no less bustling, attractive destination for people looking for a place where is tranquil but not too secluded.

Nine cannons (called respectively Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) located near the The Nhon Gate and Quang Duc gate in the city of Hue.

Military architecture

Hue Citadel was built in the reign of Gia Long King and Minh Mang King, located north of the Huong River, facing south.

Hue Citadel is a unique combination between the principle of Vietnamese traditional architecture, the philosophy of the East with the theory of yin and yang and the characteristics of the influence of Western military architecture.

The unique royal mausoleums

Imperial tombs of the Nguyen dynasty follow the principles of feng shui such as rivers, mountains, ponds, lakes, and streams. The layout of each mausoleums area is divided into two main sections: the temple area and the tomb area.

The tomb area is where the king’s body is buried; The temple area was solemnly built with many temples, pagodas, palaces,… so that the king could occasionally come to this to relax.

Hue Citadel - Intact Imperial Palace In Vietnam - Journey Vietnam

Therefore, each mausoleum in Hue is not only a historical and cultural vestige but also a unique landscape, a unique artistic architecture in the middle of poetic hills and mountains of Hue.

The most valuable treasures of the royal court

Located in the Citadel, the Hue Imperial Museum was established in 1923, with its first name is Musee ‘ Khai Dinh (Khai Dinh museum). After that, it was changed the name five times and in 1993, it was renamed Hue Royal Military Museum.

At this museum, you will see and admire thousands of artifacts including pottery, wood, bronze, stone, bone, ivory, horns, sculpture on stone … displayed here.

Successfully restored some special royal festival

The royal festival in Hue was a national celebration, organized and implemented by the government.

There are dozens of different small and large festivals celebrated annually in this land.

The festival was strictly regulated by the government and even recorded in the charter. From the king to the people must abide by these strict rules.

Today, visitors of Vietnam package Tours to Hue will see the scenery reproduces a number of special rituals.

Royal court music

The royal music is one of the unique cultural and artistic features of Hue has been recognized by UNESCO as the masterpiece of the “intangible and oral heritage of mankind”.

This is the only traditional oriental royal music that is preserved in Hue.

Guests can enjoy the musical talent with meticulously crafted music performed in Hue.

Previously, the music of the feudal imperial family was performed at festivals.

Royal Palace night

On each occasion of the Hue Festival, the old citadel, the ancient moss-shaped roof of the Imperial Citadel – Hue at night is lit up illuminated fancifully. From Ngo Mon Gate, the main gate of the Imperial Citadel (Hue Citadel), visitors will find flags, lamps, soldiers in traditional costumes.

The rendition of “Royal Night” when night falls will make you drop into space foggy with the aroma as if living in the palace space full of mystery.

Hue Music on the Perfume River

The performer is an elegant pleasure that any visitor to Hue also wants to have the opportunity to enjoy. Boats glide on the Perfume River under the moonlight or under the bright lights shimmering on both sides of the river, that is great to hear lyrical vocals.

The performer night on the Perfume River usually starts at 7 pm. Listen to Hue music is released on the river from Phu Van Lau to Trang Tien bridge, passing through the city so that visitors have the opportunity to experience the unique view of cultural history in the ancient capital.

Royal cuisine

When it comes to cuisine in Hue, people often think of the imperial court, a culinary style formed to serve the Nguyen Dynasty for more than a century. Hue royal cuisine always shows the essence, sophisticated and elegant.

Hue people still keep a part of the dining scene of the ancient palace, so to Hue you will enjoy the essence of cuisine.

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