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The Charming Plateaus In The Central Highland

Pleiku Plateau

Pleiku Plateau with an average height of 800 m, is favoured by Mother Nature with the beautiful scenery of pine forest, huge lakes, and fragrant flowers field.

Coming to Pleiku, you will not encounter hustle and bustle of business shops, crowded tourism site but you can comfortably breathe fresh air, enjoy the natural scenery of the wild, peaceful highland.

The Charming Plateaus In The Central Highland - Journey Vietnam

Going to Pleiku, you will be given a chance to explore countless natural scenic features such as Phu Cuong waterfall, To Nung lake, Ham Rong mountain, nine-level waterfall …

The best time to discover Pleiku is in the dry season and especially in the last months of the year as November and December. This is the time when the Central Highlands are covered with yellow, the golden color of the ripe rice in the mountains, yellow of the blooming wildflowers all over the road.

Besides, this is also the festive season of ethnic minorities such as New Rice Festival and so on.

Visitors of Vietnam package Tours who come to Pleiku should not forget to enjoy diverse Pleiku cuisine with many attractive dishes such as grilled veal, grilled chicken, pork rice or pigeon fried rice … and especially a cup of coffee containing the flavor of Tay Nguyen mountainous forest.

Dak Lak Plateau

The Dak Lak Plateau, also known as Buon Ma Thuot Plateau, is located in Dak Lak Province at an altitude of 800 m above sea level.

This is one of the areas rich in tourism potential of Vietnam, in which, most famous is the Don village with tradition of hunting, domesticating elephants and Buon Ma Thuot with the most famous Vietnamese coffee.

Dak Lak is home to Ede people, H’mong people with admirable gong culture and many ancient works such as the bishop’s house, Bao Dai palace … and many unique festivals.

Besides, visitors who join in Tours in Vietnam also enjoy many delicious dishes such as rice in the bamboo tube, grilled chicken, deer meat, hemibagrus hot pot, bamboo shoots, etc.

Lang Biang Plateau (Lam Dong)

Lang Biang Plateau is also known as Lam Vien Plateau, with an average elevation of about 1,500 m above sea level. South of the plateau is the romantic city of Da Lat.

Lam Vien Plateau is one of the best destination in Vietnam for tourists who would like to discover the Central Highlands with beautiful scenery, cool climate.

The Lang Biang Plateau possesses many famous tourist attractions, including Lang Biang Mountain, Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, Vang Stream, Cam Ly Waterfall, Prenn Waterfall, etc.

Due to the diversity of topography, biology, high quality of tourism service and cool climate all year round, Lang Biang Plateau always makes many visitors promise themselves to come back. The ideal time to visit Lang Biang Plateau is at the end of the year – early spring to be satisfied with thousands of blooming flowers.

Every year in November-December, the season of wild sunflowers in bloom makes the scenery in plateau become more and more colorful and beautiful.

Di Linh Plateau

Di Linh Plateau is one of the two plateaus covering the area of Lam Dong Province. Although it is not as famous as Lang Biang Plateau, this place brings all rustic natural beauty of the upland countryside that has till been pristine.

Di Linh has a cool climate, majestic mountains, and hills with rolling and winding roads.

Fertile red basalt soil is favorable conditions for growing coffee, tea, and making terraced fields. In the wild sunflower season, Phu Hiep Pass is one of the many roads that many young people to photograph.

In addition, coming to the Di Linh plateau, visitors should also visit the campsite to experience peaceful, quiet place here.

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