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Train Ticket To Nanning

Price: 50 USD

Duration: 1 Night

Code: JV-TR-000001

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    The tourist train MR1-T8702, the first direct train with six luxurious carriages, daily departs from the Gia Lam Railway Station in Hanoi to Nanning, China while the train MR2-T8701 will carry you from Nanning back to Hanoi. These trains have good quality carriages, 4 soft sleeper carriages, 1 hard sleeper carriage and 1 restaurant carriage. Travelling on these trains, you are promised to have a good night sleeping on the train and an unforgettable journey travelling through two countries Vietnam and China.

    The train will stop at six stations: three ones in Vietnam, namely Gia Lam, Bac Giang and Dong Dang in Lang Son province and three other ones in China, namely Bang Tuong, Tung Sa and Nanning – the last stop.

    You take about twelve hours to transfer from Hanoi to Nanning and two more hours to stop at Vietnam-China border gate for entrance-exit procedures because the distance between Hanoi and Nanning is up to 396km





    Hard sleeper (6 pax/cabin) Soft sleeper (4 pax/cabin)
    21:40 Gia Lam 09:12  Nanning




    17:45 Nanning 04:45 Gia Lam





    Special Notes:

    -Please remember to send all the passengers’ passport and Vietnam Visa copies if you want to book the tickets for this train.

    -At present, stations have not sold return tickets. Passengers can make a reservation at departure railway station and buy return tickets at arrival railway station 3 days before departure time.

    -Children from 4 to 12 years old have to buy children ticket with half price of the adult ticket for the seat and full price for an adult sleeper.

    -Passengers can return ticket 6 hours before departure time and lose 20% discount.

    -An adult can carry 36-kilogram baggage in maximum; that for children is less than 15 kilograms.


    The train from Gia Lam to Nanning connects transportation between two neighbor countries, Vietnam and China. There are 6 carriages on the train: 4 soft sleepers, 1 hard sleeper, and 1 restaurant. The modern train is operated on the cooperation of Vietnam Railways and China Railways.

    Travelling on soft sleeper carriages, you surely get the comfortable and relaxing accommodation during the whole transportation. There are 4 beds in each separated cabin of the soft sleeper carriages, and the cabin is fully equipped with convenient facilities such as: soft mattress, curtains, air-conditioner, reading lights, a small table, and a clean bathroom at the end of each carriage.

    Hard sleeper carriages also feature all modern amenities as soft sleeper ones. The only difference is that the mattress is quite thinner which may make you feel not really as comfortable as the soft ones.

    Travelling to China by train is the ideal option for those who get carsick, time-saving and good security. With destination up to 396 km, the train is a good companion for you to have a good experience whether you do travelling for business or tourism.

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