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Train Ticket to Sapa

Price: 40 USD

Duration: 8 Hours

Code: JV-TR-000000005

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    If you would like to head for the hill at Sapa, the best way to get there is to take a train from Hanoi to Sapa. Travelling by train to Sapa is not just a way of getting there but also a chance to enjoy the unique experience in itself. In addition, this mean of transportation also enhances your Vietnam traveling with safer and more deeply sleep with the deluxe decoration. All of the trains offer soft sleepers with air-conditioner, and different timings. Book your train tickets with us – satisfaction guaranteed. Journey Vietnam is proud to bring great trains with professional services for your travel.


    All of our trains are decorated with the stunning and luxurious interior. Each cabin is fully equipped with air-conditioner, fresh blankets, soft pillows, and graceful curtain. In addition, the cabins are decorated with natural wooden interior and enchanting light system. With our services, your transportation to Sapa is promised to be more enjoyable with a deep and wonderful sleep.

    If you travel with friend or family, you should make a choice to Deluxe cabins which normally have 4 single beds with extensive space and cozy ambience. Meanwhile, VIP cabins will be an ideal option for couples, singles or who would like to enjoy a private space.


    From Hanoi to Sapa



    Train No

    Hanoi– 21:40

    Sapa– 05:35


    Hanoi– 21:40

    Sapa– 05:35


    From Sapa to Hanoi



    Train No

    Sapa– 21:10

    Hanoi– 05:20


    Sapa– 20:35

    Hanoi– 04:45


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